Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Little Giveaway Is On The Way

The little giveaway is on the way; hopefully the winner has received it by the time she read this post.

I would like to apologize for the delay. I have wrapped the gift much earlier but did not have chance to go to post office. Finally my better half helped to send out the gift on Tuesday.

I am not good in any handicraft so this is the best I can come out with. I know I can buy some nice ready-made gift box but I thought it would be nice if the gift comes with little personal touch.

The winner is Jane but the gift is sent to Anncoo. Why? Being thoughtful, Jane who lives in Australia thought it might be troublesome for me to send the gift to Australia though I am totally fine with it. As her wish, I sent the gift to Anncoo who lives in the same city.

Anncoo and Jane are two good friends I know through blogging. Both of them are very good in cooking and baking. I love their blogs very much. Please visit their blogs for mouth-watering dishes and bakes. If you are first time there I am sure you will be regret not knowing their blogs earlier.

I know Anncoo much earlier than Jane. In fact, Anncoo is the very first few blogger friend I made and follower of my blog. I really appreciate her friendship when I was just a beginner in this blogosphere. Anncoo, thanks for your support and being encouraging always.


  1. Nice wrapper.....Sure your blogger friend will be very happy to receive the gift.

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  3. Hi Angel,

    Thank you very much for the special gift that I received today. Actually I feel bad (很不好意思) to receive this gift from you and Jane because I did not leave any comment in your giveaway post and never expected sweet Jane wanted to pass this gift to me. Thank you very much to you and Jane. It's so nice to know both of you through blogging.


  4. Very lovely wrapper and sweet gift of friendship! Am sure Ann loves it!

  5. Angel, thanks for ur sweet note. I am fortunate enough to know u through blogging. You are great cook too :) Hope we have the opportunity to meet face to face one day. Between, I will be in Singapore for holiday this month end 27/9-1/10. Do u know where can i shop for bakery things in S'pore?

  6. Wah... so nice of Jane to give the gift to Anncoo... ^_^

  7. Mery/ Jessie,
    I also like the wrapper a lot, love those cute teddy bears.

    Please don't feel 不好意思。It's my pleasure and actually the gift is from Jane. :)

    I think it will be great to meet you in person. How about shopping baking stuff together? haha.

    I will send you a separate email from baking supplies shops in Singapore.


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