Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pumpkin Kaya (Coconut Jam) 金瓜咖椰

Something different from the traditional Hanainese Kaya (the brown colour one) and Nyonya Kaya (the green colour) one. And, it is eggless, i.e. vegetarian can also has it.

I came across this recipe quite some times ago and it always stayed top of my to-do list. Only until last Sunday I managed to get all the ingredients (except fresh coconut milk, so at the end I used the box type) and made it at night after a long day out.

Though I was tired I still proceeded with my plan. It paid off - the outcome was good. The kaya was very fine and smooth. I was also glad that I decided to cut down the sugar from 200g to 150g; the sweetness was just nice for me to eat with bread.

Just in case you think that it's a difficult task to make kaya at home, I can assure you that this is very easy and generally I don't think it requires any kitchen skill.

Ingredients 材料:
500g pumpkin 金瓜 (net weight)(净重)
300g pure coconut milk 纯椰浆
½ tsp salt 盐
200g brown sugar 黄糖 (I reduced to 150g)(我减至150g)
2 tbsp custard powder 蛋黄粉
4pcs pandan leaves 香兰叶 (I used 10pcs)(我用10片)

Method 方法:
1) Peel pumpkin skin, cut into thin slices, steam till cooked and soften (about 8 mins), remove, mashed while hot. 把金瓜去皮, 切成薄块, 送入蒸笼蒸熟(约8分钟), 取出, 乘热压烂成泥。
2) Add B, mix well, strain into a wok. 加入材料B搅至糖溶, 过沥在锅内。
3) Add C, over low flame, stir cooked till thicken (about 15 mins). 加入C, 以小火不停搅煮至浓稠。(约15分钟)。

(Recipe reference: 我的厨房笔记)


  1. 很喜欢,一定要找机会学做。

  2. I have never seen or thought of this! Nowonder it stayed in your top rank to-do-list! It's so interesting to make and nutritious to eat! Great job, Angel :)

  3. Looks easy to make and yummy. Will add this in my to do list too.

  4. 星期天,家婆做kaya给我们吃

  5. greenleaf,


  6. tracieMoo,

    I also have the same thinking as u when I first came across this recipe, it looks so easy and I like pumpkim, that's why I know for sure I want to do it.

  7. Anncoo,

    Remember to share with ur pumpkin kaya once u do it. :)

  8. Sock Peng,


  9. I have this recipe also, but have yet to give it try, Your look so delicious.

  10. 怎么办,


  11. Hi! I've passed you an award. Do feel free to pick it up from my blog :)

  12. Hai CBL, today i made this, and, really delicius, another best variaton of jam. thx for sharing great recipe ^^

  13. here is mine, hopefully the link not broken ^^ -->

  14. chuany,

    You are welcome.

    Ur pumpkin kaya looks good, the colour is very nice.

  15. Hi, Angel

    OMG!!太好了!!! 我又可以做个给老公吃。他是素食者,不可以吃蛋。他很想吃Pumpkin Kaya很久了。可是我没有recipes..
    thank for sharing.

  16. Can u advise how long can this kaya keep in the fridge?


  17. Hi Chelsea,

    I can't tell you exactly how long this kaya can be kept in fridge but I remember I kept it more than a week in the fridge and it was still good.

    Try to keep in glass container instead of plastic container. Use clean and dry cotainer. Best is to sterilize before use. Also use dry and clean utensil to take the kaya each time.

  18. Thks for the detailed info! :)


  19. Hi Angel

    Me again :-p... just wondering how big bottle is this and can i replace custard powder with something else or totally omit this?

    Thanks :-D

  20. Lihuan,

    You can replace with cornflour.

    The bottle you sawin tthe picture can store 400g of kaya. I remember besides that I had a small bottle.


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