Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pandan Kaya with Honey (by Bread Machine) 班兰蜂蜜咖椰面包机轻松做

I used to see my 姑姑(aunt) cooking kaya in the kitchen when I was a child. Whenever my 姑姑 cooked kaya I liked to stand beside her watching her. I knew I would be rewarded, that was the finger-lickin' ood hot kaya. Yes, just eat by itself.

No recipe is needed. Just using one bowl of coconut milk, one bowl of eggs and one bowl of sugar. Besides that, pandan leaf is often used in kaya making to make the kaya more aromatic.

Besides this vegetarian pumpkin kaya, I have never tried making traditional kaya before. So when the store bought kaya at home is going to finish, I volunteer to make my own kaya.

My very first home-made traditional kaya was cooked in a non-traditional way. I used my bread machine to do the job. It is so simple and effortless. This is also my first time using the "Jam" function of my bread machine.

I didn' follow the one bowl rule. Instead, I twisted the recipe a bit to suit my own taste bud. Verdict? The kaya tasted very good, not overly sweet even if eaten by itself. Just like a child, I like to scoop a spoonful of kaya and eat by itself but I do it secretly now. :P

300ml coconut milk
4 medium size eggs
60g brown sugar
140g sugar
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp pandan paste (use a good one, I strongly recommend this brand)
OR 8-10pcs pandan leaves
*If using pandan leaves, blend them with coconut milk and strain to discard the pulp.

By bread machine
1) Beat eggs and sugar lightly and add to bread machine pan together with the rest of the ingredients. Select "Jam" function.
2) Once done, let jam cool in bread pan slightly before transfer to a blender to blend till smooth (1 second will do).
3) Store in jar (preferably glass jar) and keep in fridge after completely cool down.

Traditional way
Generally there are 3 methods that I know of.
(1) Cook in a wok and keep stirring till become thick. Kaya will be done faster but the outcome is not as smooth.
(2) Cook in a double boiler and stir occasionally till become thick. Kaya will be smooth but take longer time.
(3) Using a slow cooker. This method takes very long time but do not need to stir regularly. Kaya will be smooth.

1) Kaya is done in 1 hrs 20 mins time by my bread machine. The first and last 15 mins is heating only without stirring.
2) When done the texture is not as smooth and there is some excess liquid. Not to worry, after blending the kaya will become very smooth. At this point of time, the kaya may be a bit watery but after cooling down it will become thicker.

3) I actually prefer a coarser texture, so next time I may not use a blender, will just whisk till slight smooth and remain the little bites.
4) You may scoop away the excess liquid if you like your kaya to be thicker and dryer. I like mine this way as it is easier to spread on bread.
5) Made 2 jars.
HaPPy KaYaing!


  1. 我喜欢这个颜色,天然的绿~~

  2. too bad, I don't have this machine, not able to try your recipe. Anyway, it look so delicious!

  3. This kaya sure looks very tempting! Like you, I've not tried JAM function using my BM. It's going to be to-do list ;-)

  4. Now I only realized kaya can be made using bread machine, but my bread machine doesn't have this function. So I need to stick back with the traditional method. Nice kaya you've made :)

  5. very nice home made kaya! Love the colour too.

  6. yeah! i can try it with my new bread machine. tq 4 yr recipe.

  7. u bought the pandan paste from where?

  8. hehee...I've a bread machine at home and I made the kaya in the machine before. Really must take the bread machine out from my store room liao.

  9. Angel, I dun ve breach machine so cant make this recipe. The kaya looks so thick and the color is so nice.
    BTW, I have some awards for you, feel free to pick them up from my blog :).

  10. interesting.. never had this before.. i will look it up!
    btw, are you cantonese or taiwanesE?

  11. 鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 ,


  12. Sonia,

    It's not necessary to use bread machine but it's just a lazy way to do it.

    I have seen ur pandan kaya, it's much better than this, I want to try ur recipe next time but using bread machine.

  13. quizzine,

    I only used the Jam function after 1-1/2 years. haha.

    We should always make full use of the gadget we invested right?

  14. Min/ Jessie,

    Thank you for your lovely comment.

  15. Sean,

    I bought the pandan paste in a bakery supplies shop in Johor Bahru Malaysia.

  16. Anncoo,

    Faster take out the B.M, I shall look forward to reading your bread post soon.

  17. Jess,

    As I mentioned to Sonia, it's not neccesary to use a B.M for this recipe. U may do it with one of the traditional method I mentionded. :-)

  18. Hi Chef Made2Order,

    Thanks for following my blog and leaving a comment.

    I am wondering what make u think that I am Cantonese or Taiwanese. I am a Chinese residing in Singapore, my dialect group is Teochew. :-)


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