Monday, December 5, 2011

5 Minutes Muah Chee (Using Happycall) 5分钟麻糍

Muah Chee is my mum’s favaourite local snack. I have been thinking to make it for the longest time. Through my research basically there are three methods of making Muah Chee.

 1) Microwave: I think this is the easiest and fastest method. I do not own a microwave at home, so this method out.

2) Steaming: I think this is the most common method adopted by many people but the steaming time is quite long, up to 45 mins I reckon. I think this is too time-consuming so I don’t prefer this method.

3) Cooking over the stove: Just need a non-stick pan and cook the batter over the stove, need to stir all the time and this should be faster as compared to the steaming method.  

Here is my first attempt of Muah Chee using the third method with the help of Happycall pan. With Happycall the batter is cooked in less than 5 minutes times.

I am very pleased with the result. To me, the texture is just nice, soft and slight chewy. I left a few pieces uncovered in room temperature and I was surprise that they remained soft (though not as soft) after a few hours. 

Recipe adapted from Happycall FB group. Thanks to the contributor.

5 Minutes Muah Chee (Using Happycall)

Ingredients: (serve 3-4 pax)
1 cup glutinous flour (糯米粉)
¾ cup water
1 tsp shallot oil (I replaced with sesame oil)
1 tsp sugar
Pinch of salt
Coating: finely grounded peanut, castor sugar and some sesame seeds

1) Prepare coating ingredients and mix well in a plate (not too shallow plate). Mix all dough ingredients together to get a smooth batter.
2) Pour into Happycall pan (need not grease or preheat the pan), close lid, lock with magnet. Cook over low heat for about 3 minutes.
3) Open lid and check after 3 minutes, the base should be set now while surface remain uncooked. Use a spatula to roll the dough together to form a lump. If the base is not set, cover the lid and cook for another half a minutes and check again.
4) Toss around for another 1-2 minutes to ensure the dough is fully cooked. (I gave a few cuts on the dough to fasten the cooking process and to check for doneness at the centre).
5) Remove and put the cooked dough onto the peanut mixture, cut to bite size and coat all over with peanut mixture.

1) Use 2 – 3 tsp oil for a more chewy texture. I do not prefer very chewy Muah Chee so to me the texture is just nice when using only 1 tsp of oil.
2) Use shallot oil for best result. To make shallot oil, just fry some sliced shallots with oil and discard the shallots. Fried shallots can be used for garnishing.


  1. I made this once, it's steam method. I also find that it takes very long time. I like this "express" method that cook over the stove. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Huh so fast! I think I must buy this Happycall pan soon :)

  3. 看你们用 Happy Call 用得这么爽,我这个厨艺不精的人也刚刚买了一个。。呵呵

  4. Never attempt mua chi before, can I use normal non-stick pan since I don't own a Happycall.

  5. 我看到那套叉子很漂亮,来自Daiso?

  6. Wah! Looks like happy pan is very useful o.. Haha... If my husband heard what I said sure very scared Liao. Love mua chee but only tried once years back. Yours really looks good.

  7. I must go look for this Happycall pan because if can make mua chi in 5 mins, it will make me very happy! Where can I buy this pan?

  8. Pink Lady,
    You are welcome!

    Happycall as Christmas present? Not a bad idea right? :)


    Yes. I think you can use normal non-stick pan, just need to adjust the timing yourself.


    Ur husband scares you want to buy? husband always says I have more than enought but still keep on buying.

    Quay Po,
    This pan is from Korea. If you have friends going Korea it's the best to get someone to buy for you there. I am not sure if there is reseller in Malaysia. If not, suggest you buy from Gmarket Korea directly, choose seller who provide worldwide shipping.

    Can refer to this page

  9. Hi.... i saw this.... LOVEcall.... looks same with happycall.... any comment abt the price....? thanx...

  10. forgot to paste the link... sorry...

  11. Hi AngryMommy

    I think this is about the same price as Happycall sold in Singapore, may be slightly more expensive.

    I notice the words "design in Korea" so u may want to fins out where the pan is made. Happycall is made in Korea.

  12. WOw 5 Mins! Interesting I saw this method from the video. Through the thread i read some find that the dough will be lumpy but yours look great will try your method next round :) Thanks

  13. Ellena,

    I never encounter lumpy problem using this method, I guess it's the control of fire and the handling way. Do try out this method!

  14. Hi,

    I dropped by yr blog to see so many of yr great recipes.but I've noticed u are also using happy call pan. I am so in love wif them tt I started selling to my friends like hot cakes.They are so practical n now wif yr recipes,cooking is easy n fun.thanks Angel.

    Yati @D'yatt Specials.

  15. Yati @D'yatt Specials,

    You are welcome!!

    I love my Happycall too!


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