Thursday, June 3, 2010

Agar-agar Powder 燕菜精

This is a common brand of agar-agar powder found in our local supermarket. I bought it in J.B (Malaysia) at RM2.30/pack (10g).

Agar-agar is a Malay word, it means jelly.

It is a vegetable gelatin, one with high gelling properties and used by vegetarians because true gelatin is made from calf's feet.

Like ordinary gelatin, agar-agar powder is flavorless and becomes gelatinous when it's dissolved in water, heated and then cooled.


  1. can we replace the usual gelatin with this agar-agar powder?

  2. *Ah Bil*,

    I read from some sources in Internet that gelatin powder and agar-agar powder is subsitute of each other. Yet I have not tried to subsitute before. Therefore, I can't give you assurance.

    I will post a dessert made of agar-agar powder in my next post. I plan to subsitute the agar-agar powder with gelatin when I make this dessert again.

    I will post the outcome in my blog after I try it out. Stay tune!

  3. i use a lot of this gelatine powder in my moussecakes! :)

  4. Big Boy Oven,

    Thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a comment.

    I hope I have the opportunity to attend your baking class.


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