Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Butter Crumble Bun 奶油脆皮面包





软软的面包加上脆脆的皮,一口咬下又软又脆的,口感很棒。我用的是salted butter面包带咸香,脆皮是淡淡的肉桂味和甜甜的焦糖味,很对味哦!


Bread dough (recipe refer to HERE)

Crumbles topping (recipe refer to HERE)

50g cold butter (I used salted butter)

Beaten whole egg for egg wash


1) Cut butter into 9 small cubes. Keep in fridge before using.

2) After first proofing, punch out the gas in the dough, let it rest for 15 mins.

3) Divide the dough into 9 equal portions, roll into round ball, wrap each dough with one small cube of butter, pinch the dough to seal the seam tightly.

4) Place the dough (seam side down) in a greased 20cm square pan. Cover with cling wrap and let it proof for 60 mins.

5) Apply egg wash and sprinkle the crumbles toppings.

6) Bake in preheated oven at 180C for about 20 mins. Remove bread from pan immediately and cool on wire rack.


  1. Hi Angel, the bread looks so soft and fluffy, and i love bread with butter thou fattening but super yummy! I had tried bread making twice but not successful, veri dishearten, dunno shd buy a bread machine then embark on it again :(

  2. Bakericious,

    Yes, just wrap a small cube of butter inside the bun, the taste is totally different. Yummy :)

    Actually u can also achieve with the same result by hand knead but of coz it's took extra effort. If you own a mixer with big horsepower (eg KitchenAid) you can also use it to beat the bread dough.

    Don't give up. Try again. :-)

  3. Hi Angel,

    'just wrap a small cube of butter inside the bun' Have I got to use a rolling pin to roll out the dough into round shape, add in the butter cube and pinch it closed or just push the butter cube into the middle of the dough and pinch it close? Tks in advance


  4. Mel,

    Do not need to roll out the dough.

    What I did was to roll the dough in hand to roll shape then used my thumb to make a small hole and put in the butter. Then pinched to seal the opening.

  5. Hi Angel,

    Thanks. Now I can try sweet buns with fillings =) Btw, I tried baking the Easy Fruitcake. Overall the cake turn out ok but abit too moist. Do you think its underbake, or, I've added too much water (I did minus out the amt of liquid from the orange juice)

  6. mel,

    I have baked the Easy Friutcake numerous time and each time I follow the amount of water in the recipe and the cake turned out to be just nice, not too moist.

    If you follow the amount of water in the recipe, I suspect it could be underbake as what you said. Did you insert a toothpick//cake tester at the centre to check the doneness? If you see crumbs on the toothpick/cake tester means the cake is not cooked yet. Continue to bake until the toothpick/cake tester comes out clean. Cover the top with a pc of foil if you worry the top will get too brown.

    Another reason I can think of it's due to the flour used. Some flour absorb more water, some absorb less.


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