Monday, May 17, 2010

First Date Anniversary

D came home early today with these little sweet treats. Ya, today is our first date anniversary.

He reached home at 4pm when I was about to start whisking a cake for this occasion.

Hmm...I know I am a bit late as I was busy with my wardrobe clearance (side track a bit, I am going to start work very soon and I realize I almost need to change my whole wardrobe as I can't fit into any of my old clothes. I am still thinking if I should try to sell my old clothes which are still in very good condition).

Anyway, I can't be blamed right? He usually reaches home around 8pm so I still have enough time to make a decent simple cake.

With the pastries D brought home, I shall save the cake for another occasion.

Though there is no expensive gift, I feel HAPPY and SWEET that he can still remember this date and surprise me. Therefore, I decide to write a post to mark this day down. :-)


  1. 甜蜜蜜!!

  2. So sweet of your husband still remember the first date anniversary :)

  3. Sock Peng,



  4. Anncoo,

    haha, not every year he can remember lah.

  5. ur husband is so sweet! now we dun even celebrate our wedding anniversary :P

  6. Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary ya!!

  7. Your hubby gave u a surprise by coming back early instead of 8pm ya... hehe...

    Happy Anniversary... :)

  8. Bakericious,

    I think if he can remember all the important dates I feel happy alr.

  9. J Sky,

    It is our first dating anniversary not wedding anniversary. :P


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