Monday, September 26, 2011

My Favourite Sunday Express Lunch ~ Sardine Mee Suah 沙丁鱼面线

I will cook this one-pot meal for lazy Sunday lunch whenever I run out of idea or just want a quick lunch because this is extremely easy and yummylicious!

I remember I had posted this earlier in my blog but I just could not locate the post from my archive. Anyway, good thing is meant to be shared. So here I am introducing this quick one-pot meal to you (again if I had done it before).

This is Taiwan style mee suah soup so the mee suah (flour vermicelli) is supposed to cook till thickened and the soup is more paste like.

I used organic mee suah this time. Organic mee suah is less salty so I added more seasonings. If you are using regular mee suah, very likely that you just need dash of sugar and light soy sauce for the seasonings.

If you like spicy and sour dish, give this a try. I am sure you won’t regret. Strongly recommended!!

Sardine Mee Suah

Ingredients: (for serving of 2)
2 portions mee suah (flour vermicelli)
1 small canned sardine (I used Ayam brand)
3 chili padi (depending on your own liking)
1 onion (cut into strips)
2 tomatoes (cut into wedges)
Tomato sauce & chili sauce (Maggie or other brands)
Seasonings to taste (light soy sauce, salt, sugar, dash of sesame oil)
Lime juice

1) Boil 3 cups of water. Add onion, tomatoes and chili padi when the water starts boiling.
2) Remove sardine from can (keep the sauce), remove the bones (omit this step if you are eating the bones).
3) Add sardine and sauce from can to the soup when the onion and tomato become soft. Add extra tomato sauce and chili sauce. Simmer for a while.
4) Add mee suah and cook till slightly thickened, add seasonings. Dish up, add some line juice and serve immediately.

Lucius turned 19 months yesterday.

"I am slightly more than 1 ½ years old already! "


  1. 很特别的配搭呢

  2. i also never prepare sardine this way before, curious the taste, anyway, it look yummy!

  3. At first I thought you made Penang Assam Laksa. Looks so delicious and healthy one dish meal... yummy!

  4. 我很喜欢mee suah,也很喜欢sardin,不过从未试过将两者合二为一。看来落单的weekend可以拿来当个人午餐(老公不喜欢sardin)

  5. 单看卖相的时候
    我以为是MEE SIAM


  6. 我妈和我说过很好吃。。不过我没试过涅。。

    Yr son is preparing to make cake? He is holding spatula lei ..Lol..He is so adorable ...Can Aunty give you a kiss kiss...

  7. look yummy! will try to cook one of this day!

  8. 这个真的很美味咧!


  9. Interesting, I've never thought of cooking mee suah with sardine. Not sure if my kids will take to the taste, shall try it one day.

  10. 鲸鱼/Yuyu/Sock Peng,



    Try this, you will like it! But this is an "adult" dish coz it's very spicy so your kids may not appreciate.

    Are you reading my mind? Actually this is something I cook whenever I crave for Penang Assam Laksa as you know it is not easy to find one in Singapore, don't even talk about good one (if you happen to know any good Penang Assam Laksa in Spore please share with me ya). Althoguh the taste isn't the same, may be 20% similar, I think the "feel" is the same. I also like to serve with shredded cucumer and pineapple if I happen to have them at home. Please give this simple dish a try.

    My blessing/hanushi,
    Try this. I will find out that actually both (sardine and mee suah) click so well. :)

    Blessed Homemaker,
    This is a hot and spicy dish, your kids may not like it. You may make a tomato version but to me this dish must be very spicy then will be nice.

  11. First time I came across this food. It looks like asam laksa.

  12. I wanna try this one. I like all the ingredients you have used.

    One question from me:
    Step 3: I should add extra tomato sauce and chili sauce? Or extra tomato (vege) and chili sauce? What is the portion yeah?

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  13. Jobless girl,

    Yes. Indeed I cook this whenever I have craving for assam laksa.

    Sarah's Daddy & Mommy,

    I meant tomato sauce. Thanks for asking. I have amended the recipe.

  14. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for your clarifications too.
    Can I substitute meehoon with meesua?

  15. Sarah's Daddy & Mommy,

    Yes, you can replace the meesua with bee hoon but the taste will be different. With meesua, it is kind of thick soup base (something like Taiwan oyster meesua soup) but with beehoon you would probably get a clear soup base. I guess both are equally good.

  16. Hi Angela,
    Thanks again for your reply.
    I will surely try the recipe once I have bought meesua in my pantry.

  17. Sarah's Daddy and Mommy,

    You are welcome.

    Hope that you will like it.


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