Wednesday, September 28, 2011



来一张close up的看看。





  1. 是割到的吧:)

  2. 那伤痕蛮深的,发生了什么事?要问托儿所,要问清清楚楚!怎么可以弄到这么可爱的 Lucius 受伤 #&*$@#*

  3. 对啊!明天一定要问老师发生什么事,至少他们因该先告诉你嘛!

  4. 现在的小孩子好像都有锁匙情意结。。。

  5. Angel, you must must must ask the teacher about the scars! Last time my son got scatch mark which was done by teacher, I stop sending him to that school the next day!

  6. I used to give my kids a set of keys in a key pouch for them to play with ;)

    You be amazed at how observant kids are! They may appear to be playing with their toys but they are quite aware of what's going on at their surroundings. Do check with the childcare on the scar, hopefully it is not intentional.

  7. 谢谢大家的关心。问了他老师也和校长谈过,他们都一致说不知道,没有注意到。其实同一天Lucius脸上还多了3点刮痕,但是我没有特别提起因为我知道他们一定会说是他自己的指甲刮伤的。不出我所料,刚才一和他校长提起她就说一定是Lucius自己刮伤的。可是手的伤痕是幼幼还挺深的肯定是利器刮到的。

    Ah Tze,
    Sorry to hear about such bad incident happended to your child. I just wonder how you manage to find out it's the teacher who did it coz the teacher for sure won't admit right?

  8. Angel, the mark was on the forearm, it looks like someone trying to catch him. The childcare centre didn't admit who did it but said sorry to what happened.

    When I pick up my son that day, he was very afraid and cried at a corner of the floor. My son told me "teacher, catch, catch!"

  9. Angel, teach your son to tell you his feeling is important, so in future he will tell you when someone upset or "pain, pain" him at the childcare centre.

    referring to what you told us about the childcare centre not admitting and cover up, to me it's not safe to send your son there.

  10. I think Ah Tze is right, it is better to change to another childcare centre if there is no explanation to the cause of the scars. This an obvious negligence on their part.


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