Friday, April 17, 2009

Sweet & Sour Meat Ball 酸甜小丸子


Ingredients 材料:
Minced pork 绞肉
Tapioca flour 茨粉
Bell pepper, onion, tomato 灯笼椒、洋葱、番茄
* Marinate minced pork with sesame oil, light soy sauce, pepper, Chinese cooking wine & cornstarch. Roll into balls and coat with tapioca flour, set aside.

* 绞肉用麻油、酱青、胡椒粉、花雕酒和粟粉腌。捏成球形,沾上茨粉,待用。

Sweet & Sour Sauce 酸甜酱:
Tomato sauce 番茄酱 4tbsp
Chili sauce 辣椒酱 3tbsp
Sugar 糖 1-1/2tbsp
Salt 盐 1/2tsp
Vinegar 醋 1tbsp*
Sesame oil 麻油 few drops 几滴
Water 水 1tbsp

* I used apple vinegar & a little bit of black vinegar, apple vinegar can be replaced by white vinegar or lemon juice.
* 我用苹果醋加一点黑醋,苹果醋可用白醋或柠檬汁代替。
(1tbsp = 1汤匙)
(1tsp = 1茶匙)

Method 做法:
1) Heat oil, deep fry meat balls till light gold, set aside.
2) Reheat oil, fry meat balls again till golden colour, set aside.
3) Keep some oil, add in the rest of ingredients, saute till fragrant (I add onion first).
4) Add sweet & sour sauce, bring to a boil (simmer for a while till thick).
倒入酸甜酱煮滚 (要滚一会儿,让酱汁变较浓稠)。
5) Add meat balls, stir fry till all meat balls are coated with the sauce. Serve.

1) 翻炸可以使肉球更脆,不易变软。
2) 第一尝试用茨粉炸肉,之前我过用粟粉或粟粉+面粉。我觉得用茨粉的效果最好,外皮较脆,不易变软。
3) 我用的那三种配料是我最喜欢的,除此之外一般的配料还有黄瓜,黄梨等等,依个人喜好而定。


  1. Hi
    just stumbled into your blog and found you can cook well! just link your blog and be your follower too, hope u don't mind.

  2. Your Sweet and Sour Minced Pork Ball looks good...

  3. Hi,

    Would you be willing to post this recipe in English also? Love your blog!

  4. Hi Anncoo,

    Thanks for your visit.

    I visited your blog and like it a lot too. U are such a good cook and baker.

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  5. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you.

    U may try it out, it's a simple but very appetizing dish.

  6. Hi Claire,

    Are you Claire from Multiply?

    I have translated the recipe in English for you. :-)


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