Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Soya Milk Pudding Experiment and Outcome 豆奶布丁实验与成果

I am referring to this soya milk pudding that I have raved about. In my post, I described it as "比豆花更好吃" (more delicious than soya bean curd).

Some times ago, a blog reader, *Ah Bii*, left me a comment to ask if the agar-agar powder in the recipe can be replaced by gelatin powder.

I promised to try it out and post the outcome.

Experiment 1: Substitute agar-agar powder with same amount of gelatin powder

As I read from some sources in the Internet that agar-agar powder and gelatin powder is substitute of each other, I went ahead to replace the same amount of agar-agar powder with gelatin powder.

I used 1 ½ tsp of gelatin powder, dissolved in 2 tbsp of water then added into the into hot soya milk/milk mixture.

Outcome: the pudding didn't set at all after refrigerating for one night. (Instead of using small cups, this time I only divided the pudding mixture into 3 portions and poured into 3 rectangle containers, I suspected this could be part of the reason that contributed to the failure as the pudding might be too thick to get set.)


Experiment 2: Substitute agar-agar powder with 1 tbsp of konnyaku jelly powder

I found some konnyaku jelly powder in my fridge (I didn't measure but I estimated should be about one tbsp). In order not to waste, I re-cooked the pudding mixture, brought it to a boil and added in the konnayaku jelly powder, continued to cook for about 10 mins. This time I used small pudding moulds.

Outcome: the pudding set but only the surface, underneath the mixture was still watery.



From now on, I will stick to agar-agar powder for this recipe.

So *Ah Bii* if you are reading this post, I suggest you follow the recipe to use agar-agar powder to avoid disappointment. :P


  1. Hi, I have tried your soya milk pudding, may I at what stage should i add in the agar agar, mine was not set. :(


  2. Hi Emily,

    I think this recipe is a bir tricky coz a friend of mine tried and she also told me her pudding didn't set.

    However, I saw a couple of my blogger friends tried this recipe and their pudding were all nicely set.

    I mix the agar-agar powder with milk and soya milk then just cook together and bring to a gentle boil. "Just in caee", I would suggest to continue to cook for a while before removing from heat.

    Hope you will try again as this soya milk pudding is really very nice.

  3. I think when adding gelatin into liquid, the liquid must be in big boil and keep stirring with a hand whisk otherwise the liquid will never get set. I like to combine agar agar powder with gelatin for some puddings and cake topping. It works well.

  4. hehehe, thanks for the experiments Angel! ^__^

  5. Anncoo,

    Thanks for your sharing. :)

    Can I add gelatin to hot liquip and continue cook?


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