Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick & Easy Sardine Puff (Ready-made Puff Pastry) 简易烤沙丁鱼角(现成酥皮)

I made this in a cooling Sunday morning to replace my usual toast with jam breakfast, as I preferred something warm that day.

I used frozen puff pastry in small square (that means I don't even need to divide and cut the puff pastry). What I need to do is just to wrap it with some fillings and bake in the oven.

For the filling, I used canned sardine, onion and chili padi again. This time I made it spicier by adding extra chili padi (refer here).

Since the puff pastry is frozen so you need to thaw it ahead before use. You may let it thaw slowly in the fridge (not freezer) overnight if you know you are going to use it the next day. If you need to use it as soon as possible, you may preheat the oven with low temperature, switch off the power and let the frozen puff pastry thaw in the oven (this is what I did for this batch of sardine puff).

Due to our warm and humid weather I feel that puff pastry that is still cold (but not hard) is easier to handle than room temperature one. So just thaw it until it is soft enough to fold. If it is too hard you will tend to break the pastry into half while folding, so be gentle and bend it slowly.

I bought the square puff pastry (as shown in the picture) from JB Jusco at RM4.50/pack. I have seen it selling in JB Carrefour at slightly lower price. It comes with 10pcs of puff pastries which are nicely stacked on layers of plastic sheets.

I am not sure if this brand is sold in Singapore, can anyone advise? Also, can you please share your favourite brand of ready-made puff pastry, where to get it and the price by leaving a comment here?

To assemble, I place the puff pastry with the plastic sheet on my palm, remove the plastic sheet on top (remain the bottom one), add one spoonful of fillings then fold the pastry into half (your choice to fold it into rectangular or triangle shape), press down the edge with the tines of a fork. Turn over and press down the edge again (do it on both sides just to ensure the edge is tightly sealed). Place it on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Then apply egg wash (I used whole egg - egg white mixed with egg yolk) after complete all the wrapping and bake in preheated oven at 200C for about 15-20 minutes or till the pastry becomes golden brown.


  1. Angel, I used frozen prata to make instead. Next time I am going to look for this puff pastry :).

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  3. Jess,

    Good idea to use frozen prata. I am going to use frozan prata to make 蛋饼 which is a common breakfast item in Taiwan.

  4. Hi Angel,

    I was waiting for this post since you mentioned when you first did your sardine puffs by hand. Hehe...

    I used the Sunshine Puff Pastry, which I think cost ard S$5.xx at NTUC Fairprice (some branch). It is in a block not sheets, hence have to roll out before use. Maybe of my inexperience and weather, I feel that if I were given a choice, I might choose to buy sheets next time. Haha... :)

  5. I buy the same puff pastry to make the similar sardine puff too, this remind me i have so long did not make some for my kids.

  6. Oh Angel, I still have the ready puff pastry in fridge. Will make them soon. Thanks for reminding.

  7. i love sardines. and i love puff pastry.. so this is the ultimate combi!

  8. Haha.. I love this idea, simple and nice ^_^

  9. Angel, tried many types but still loyalty to Pampas butter puff pastry sheets. But the price a bit expensive. 3 in a pck for AUD4

  10. i love puff pastry but yet to try. After seeing your deli puffs, gonna grab some and try out soon.

  11. Angel, 祝妳和家人过个快乐温馨的中秋节!

  12. I just made apple puffs last week and it's my first time handling with puff pastry. I bought the Sunshine brand from NTUC, cost about $4+. It comes in a block and have to roll and cut out. Due to my inexperience, the puffs didn't come out nicely shaped. How I wish I can get the ones like yours. I'm going to try other brands and made sardine puffs like yours. :)

  13. hanushi,

    Thanks for remembering what I said. Hehe...luckily I didn't hold on this posting, initially I thought of posting other bake first.

    I never see the puff pastry block that you mentioned in NTUC but I think given a choice I will definitely go for sheet.

    Actually I am looking of larger sheet size as this small square size is only good for making small puff.

  14. Jess/ Anncoo,

    Would love to see your creation made of the frozen puff pastry soon.

  15. Missy,

    I love both too. Thanks for leaving a commen, have not hear from you for a long time. Looking forward to reading more blog post from you.

  16. neyeeloh,

    Yes, this is very eady to make and very nice too. :)

  17. Jane,

    Thanks for your recommendation. will try to look for Pampas brand here.

  18. Jessie,

    Do try it out soon and share with us your deli bakes.

  19. SSB puff it's in my to-do list using the same puff pastry.

    Try to see if you can get the same brand or something similar in Singapore.

  20. I'm looking for the larger sheet of puff pastry. anyone knows where i can get it ?

  21. Hi Bryan,

    Where are you from?

    Local supermarket in S'pore and baking supply shop (such as Phoon Huat) in S'pore sell larger sheet of puff pastry. It is easily available here.


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