Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For the Past One Week and a Little Giveaway 小送礼

For the past one week...

* I was down with stomach flu (vomited, fever, little diarrhea) for a few days.
* Had my first birthday with the accompany of Lucius, my little precious.
* Had borrowed four recipe books from the library which I enjoyed reading a lot.
* Managed to bake a few items despite the down time.
* Busy with tons of work when I was back from my leave.

Basically here are all the updates. This explains why I have not blogged a lot for the past whole week but I still tried to sneak into my fellow blog pals' kitchens whenever I picked up my Iphone as I simply couldn't resist all the delicious bakes/dishes shared by you guys. here is the little giveaway.

I realized quite a number of my blog pals and visitors were interested in the cake stencils that I had blogged about. So when I chanced upon them again in the supermarket I did not hesitate to grab both designs with the intention to giveaway as a token to my blog pals, just my appreciation for their support, encouragement and generous sharing.

These are the little gifts to be given to one lucky reader (the winner will receive both designs).

To see how the designs turn out on cake, see HERE and HERE.

If you are interested to participate in this giveaway, just leave a comment and tell me your favorite post in this blog by citing the title (it can be anything, be it a cake, a dish or even a blog post about my little precious) and the reason/s.

I will then conduct a lucky draw with the help of my little precious.

Closing date is 15th Aug 2010.


有兴趣赢取以上蛋糕模板的朋友,只需留言告诉我你最喜欢Cook.Bake.Love里头的一篇blog post(什么都行,可以是一款蛋糕,一道菜肴,甚至是我的小王子的blog post也行,记得要清楚列明标题哦)和喜欢的原因




  1. Wow, you have 208 posts! So hard to choose which one is my favourite. I think I will pick Lucius, the baby tiger. Very cute! Thanks for organizing this giveaway!

    Hope u are getting better. I'm sick too now. 我真没用,被baby传染手足口症. :(

  2. I chanced upon your blog while blog hoping. Hope you are getting better.

  3. I chanced upon your blog while blog hoping. Hope you are getting better.

  4. Hope you getting better by now, I have no luck in lucky draw, I leave my chance to other bloggers..hehehe..

  5. I like 'Soya Milk Pudding' post the most, because this is the first recipe I tried from your blog. Anyway, hope you are in good health now, take care ya!

  6. Hope you are feeling better Angel!
    Great books to keep you company.

  7. Hi Angel,
    Hope you are getting better by now.
    You are so thoughtful and thanks for sharing this. Anyway, you have a fabulous blog, everything you share is good, yummy, delicious, except baby Lucius .... hm... he is cute & handsome :)

  8. Hi Angel,

    Hope you are getting better now. I love your Project S, S for Soya Milk 自制豆浆实验记录. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Hi,

    I love this giveaway contest...

    I have browse through your blog for some cooking recipes and I myself have tried the "ayam pongteh".Very nice and my family loves to eat this dish.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

    Hope you feel better now..

    Wish myself good luck!!

  10. HI Angel
    can't remember when i started reading your blog but was hooked since i chanced upon it. love the way u write about the recipes and your cute little baby. so it is quite hard to choose my fav post. i guess i will choose the baby tiger post cause your baby is really cute. the other post i like is the chocolate chocolate chip muffins. i tried it and received good reviews!
    last but not least, hope you have a speedy recovery!
    regards octopusmum

  11. Hi Angel,

    Baby Tiger!!!
    My definite choice is “Baby Tiger ”post because your little prince is really cute especially with that special costume. I am kind of addicted and will definitely browse to your blog every morning, hope to see new updates of cute cute Lucius.


  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I've been a silence reader in ur blog for quite awhile, Impressed with so many nice yummy recipes in your blog and visiting to your blog have since become my daily habits... To chose my most favourite post, it's really hard for me as all of them are so sonice :) Lol..
    Nevertheless, the one that i'll try on next will be your "2010
    Ginger Milk Curd 姜汁撞奶 "
    it's one of my favourite dessert too and u've make it sounds so interesting in that post that inspite me to wanna make it soon and to test if my spoon does float as well..haa

  14. SSB,

    Hope your baby and u get well soon. Take care!

  15. edith,

    Thank you for your concern and leaving me your comment.

    I am surprise and feel very happpy to receive comment from you, the chef behind the lovely blog Precious Moments. I chanced upon your blog through some blog links quite some times ago and I really enjoy reading your blog. U are such a good cook and baker.

  16. Sonia,

    Same as u, I never have luck in any sort of lucky draw but I never give up. hahaha.

  17. Jessie/DG,

    Thank you.

    Btw, DG if you would to participate in this giveaway please specific one blog post and the reason ok?

  18. Hi Angel,

    Hope you are feeling better. Nothing beats better than a good health and happy family. :)

    For the fun of joining, I would like to nominate the Ginger Milk Curd 姜汁撞奶 as my fav post.

    As shared with you earlier on, even though I have read many bloggers and their failure on this, it was your post and detailed steps that made me gather my courage to try it. I was SOOO excited and happy when it was successful at my first (and subsequent) try.


  19. I love "Lucius turns 3 months today" bcoz of his cute hair style. haha....

  20. Erm, sorry I didn't write clearly. Not my baby. From my twin nieces. Hehe! Thanks, still have not recovered yet lor. :(

  21. Hi Angel,

    Sure, for the fun of joining, I would like to to nominate "Blueberry Yogurt Butter Cake" bcoz I had testedandtasted and it is delicious :)

  22. Hi.
    The best post is non other but the one on ur dear prince 2010
    Lucius的喜怒哀乐 . By looking at the pics.. it already bring smile on my face.. the little model is soooo sooooo cute & handsome..drooling too...haa!! ^^


  23. I like the post about 'Bread Egg Tart (aka egg in bread bowl)' post.

    This is because the recipe is so simple and easy and delightful. That's a very simple yet innovative dish. It is a recipe which I would definitely make it for my 'lil son.

  24. wow... noe then manage to find some time to read yr blog... wow... there's give away... I don have so many reader like you... wonder if I ever want to give away..anyone would want.... maybe next time if I have give away... I pass them to you to post it... good idea right.

    thanks for supporting my blog always... and a great pal indeed... thanks and thanks.

  25. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your participation. The result is out. Do check it out!

  26. Hi Pauline,
    You are too humble. If you have a giveaway I will be the first one to support you.


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