Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pandan Kaya Wholemeal Roll 班兰咖椰全麦卷

I have 2kg of wholemeal flour which is going to expire in Oct and 2 jars of home-made pandan kaya which have short shelf life, that's the reason I came out with this - Pandan Kaya Wholemeal Roll. (So HHB, if you are reading this post, I am answering to your question. )

(By the way I always buy Prima brand wholemeal flour from supermarket, I didn't seem to see other brand on the shelf. If you also like to bake with wholemeal flour, please share with me your favourite brand and where you got it. Thank you in advance.)

The last time I made bread roll was in May 2009 (refer to Walnut & Raisin Cinnamon Roll), this explains my uneven (aka ugly) rolls (full of excuses, haha)(I am that type of person who everything wants fast fast type, basically I just want to quickly roll the bread and pop it into oven and enjoy the hot bread in 15-20 mins time . I am shame that I don't even try to improve my shaping skill!)

I omitted the egg wash as I preferred my bread to be rustic looking.

Cosmetics issue apart, I am quite happy with this batch of wholemeal rolls. Though the wholemeal flour ratio is 35% the bread turned out to be fluffy and soft, even after 2 days. I particularly like the nutty texture.

1 cup (240ml) cold milk
2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp olive oil
250g bread flour
130g wholemeal flour
1 tsp instant yeast
Adequate Pandan Kaya (I used Home-made Pandan Kaya)


1) Mix all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. Make a well in the centre, pour the wet ingredients the well. Mix the ingredients to form soft dough.

2) Turn out the dough onto a lightly floured work surface, continue to knead until the dough becomes smooth, elastic and non-sticky.

3) Form the dough into round ball, place it into a big mixing bowl and cover with cling wrap, let it rise in room temperature for about 60 mins or till double in size.

4) Punch out the gas in the dough. Turn the dough onto a lightly floured work surface. Roll out the dough into a big rectangle (about 25x30cm) with a floured rolling pin. Spread kaya on the dough (avoid 1cm from the edge). Roll up tightly to form a long log (like making swiss roll). Pinch the dough to seal the seam tightly.

6) Cut the roll into 9 equal pieces (mine is not equal). Place the small rolls in a greased or lined 20cm square pan. Cover with cling wrap and let it proof for 50 - 60mins or till double in size.

7) Bake in preheated oven at 180C for about 15-20 mins. Remove bread from pan immediately and cool on wire rack.

1) I used the "Knead" function of my bread machine to do the kneading.
2) During second proofing I kept the dough inside the oven with a cup of hot water.

There is a great tip shared by HHB in her blog on how to get even rolls. To get even rolls, use a dental floss to slice the log. Position a long string of dental floss under the log, hold the two free ends, criss-cross over the top of the log, pull the two ends to cut the roll.


  1. Angela,

  2. I usually cannot get Prima wholemeal flour from the supermarket! I got mine from Phoon Huat. If I remember correctly(it's a long since I last used Prima's), compared to Prima, Phoon Huat's wholemeal flour is more coarse, bigger, almost like wheat germ. They keep it in the fridge as wholemeal flour goes rancid quickly. I store mine in the fridge as well.

  3. I like wholemeal bread a lot, will keep this recipe for my Cinnamon roll, I prefer wholemeal one compared with plain bread.

  4. Angel, i love your idea of using pandan kaya for the filling. And wholemeal just make sound healthier and taste better than plain buns. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mmm...everything homemade including kaya. Looks so good, Thumbs Up!

  6. Beautiful rolls. Good choice of filling. My family don't like wholemeal bread, so I don't think I will ever try on wholemeal flour.

  7. I bought the organic wholemeal flour from supermarket, not intentionally, but cant seems to find it anywhere

  8. Angel, your rolls are beautiful. I am going to get some wholemeal flour!

  9. Looks good! I've never tried bread rolls like this before. SO pretty. You and HHB tempt me. :)

  10. The rolls are beautiful! I'm trying to use more wholemeal flour now, healthier and the nuttiness is quite nice.

  11. Yoonlai,


  12. HHB,

    Actually I prefer coarser wholemeal flour, thanks for sharing. Phoon Huat is not so accessible to me, so I usually buy my baking supplies from the supermarket. I always see Prima flour in local supermarket including Fairprice, Cold Storage and Carefour.

  13. Min,

    I love cinnamon roll. Looking forward to seeing urs.

  14. Jessie/ Anncoo,

    Thanks for your lovely comments.

  15. DG,

    My family also doesn't like wholemeal bread in the past including myself but over time to learn to appreciate it. Now we only buy wholemeall bread although sometimes I still bake white bread.

    You can try to intro wholemeal bread to ur family as it is healthier, definitely a better choice. The nutty texture actually taste better.

  16. Jess,

    Quick, quick go and grab a bag of wholemeal flour. I wanna see ur wholemeal bake soon.

  17. neyeeloh,

    Organic one? Sounds good. Must be more costly.

    U can find Prima brand wholemeal flour in supermarket (Fairprice, cold storage...) just look up at the section selling flour and some other baking ingredients. Alternatively, u may try to get at Phoon Huat,

  18. SSB,

    Don't be tempted, quick quick make ur own bread roll and share with us.

  19. pigpigscorner,

    Thakns for ur lovely comment. Do bake more with wholemeal flour it contains more fibre.

  20. Angel, I am tempted to bake this tml!! My family takes Wholemeal bread frequently. I usu use Origins Organic Wholemeal flour.. =) NTUC sells them..

    1. Hi Pricilla,

      Thanks for sharing. I shall try to look for the organice wholemeal flour in NTUC.

      As straight dough method, this recipe is quite good It produces soft bread. You may give it a try.


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