Friday, July 16, 2010

Cake Stencils & Two Lovely Awards

A reader, hociak, left a comment to ask how I "write" the wording on this simple birthday cake that I made for D.

I thought it is a good idea to take pictures to show hociak and also to share with you guys.

I guess many of you already know the answer.

You are right. I used cake stencil to create the wording and design.

I don't usually see cake stencils on sale, so when I saw it in NTUC Xtra, a local supermarket chain in Singapore, I grabbed both designs.

The other design I have is with wording "I Love You". I used it on this Father's Day cake.

These cake stencils were quite cheap; I remember I paid less than SGD2.00 each.

They are suitable for 8" round cake or bigger size cake.

How to use it? Simply place the cake stencil on the cake, dust with icing sugar (or cocoa powder, green tea powder..... whatever you can think of) and remove it carefully.

This thing is very good right? It turns a bare cake to a decent looking one (and meaningful one) in less than a minute time, especially useful for people like me who is lack of cake decoration skill.

If you are good in drawing, you can make your own cake stencil too. Just draw on a cardboard and cut out the design. I ever saw my secondary school classmate did that in our home econ class.

If you know of any places selling cake stencils please leave a comment to share ok?

Besides the exciting news of D returning home tomorrow after his long two weeks business trip, there is another reason to get excited.

I received two awards today! The awards are from Jess of Bakericious. Thank you, Jess.

I found out Jess's lovely blog when she started to leave comments in my blog. After which I became her reader too.

I would like to share these two awards with ALL of you. If I were to list down all there will be a very long list, so I try to limit to name only 10 blogs this time. They are either blogs that I have been following all these times or lovely blogs that I just discovered.

Blessed Homemaker
Hearty Bakes

Jane's Corner
Min's Blog
Nasi Lemak Lover
Small Small Baker
The Little Teochew
Tested and Tasted

Please feel free to collect your awards from here when you are free ya! XOXO :)


  1. hahaa...Angel. I'm the first one here to pick the Awards before I go to sleep. Thanks a million and no award for you but a BIG KISS *muak! from me.

  2. Oh about the cake stencils, you can get it from Phoon Huat (Wilton Brand).
    You can check at my blog@

  3. Anncoo,

    Thanks for sharing,

    I used to go to Phoon Huat Jurong East branch quite often before its closure but I never see the cake stencils...maybe my eyes got stamps. :P

  4. Thanks Angel for the award! Sending you my hugs and kisses in return :)
    I have seen cake stencils at Daiso too.

  5. cook bake love,

    Thks for the award ^_^

    The stencils are so beautiful, will go NTUC and check it out later...hehe

  6. Hi Angel, thanks for the award! Maybe my eyes also got stamps, I didn't know that NTUC sells cake stencils too? Are we staying close? I used to go JE Phoon Huat too, now the nearest is Clementi. :)

  7. Thanks Angel for the awards :) I never saw NTUC got selling this stencils, if I see it I'm sure would like to buy. I have one, which I got it from Daiso.

  8. HI Angel, Thank you so much for this lovely award.
    Next time if i see this kind of stencil, i also want to get one. Have a nice weekend ahead.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi girls,

    You are all welcome! You all deserv it the awards.

    I think my eyes really stick stamps coz I just shopped at Daiso recently, spent quite some times at the baking dept but never see any cake stencil.

    Btw, I only saw it in NTUC Xtra at AMK Hub and not any other branches that I have so far visited. Not sure if it's still available. Do try ur luck.

  11. Anncoo,

    I read your cake stencil post, I have got so many beautiful collection. Envy.

    And, I saw these 2 cake stencils too.

  12. Hi Angel, thanks for the awards :) Really appreciate it!

  13. Thank you for this. :) Appreciate it lots. Cheers!

  14. Angel, come to redeem my award :)
    TQ so much. You are so lovely. You too have a great blog.

  15. Which NTUC Xtra did you get the Cake Stencil? I didn't see it before.

  16. Hi, I like to cook and bake but not very good. I would like to know where you get the Cake Stencil. Which NTUC Extra did you get it? I

    1. Hi lilytan,

      I bought from AMK Hub but that was in 2010. I am not sure if now still on sale.


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