Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ginger Juice ~ Simple Way To Extract and Its Usage

Here is the simple way to extract ginger juice. Don't need any high-tech electrical appliance, just a peeler (or small kitchen knife), grater and sieve will do.

What you need:


Wash ginger and peel the skin with a peeler or small kitchen knife. Grate the peeled ginger with grater.

(Do not cut out the exact required size, try using a bigger chunk of ginger so that you can hold the ginger more easily in hand.)

Place the grated ginger in a sieve over a bowl. Use a spoon to press out the juice (you may use your hand too).

And, here is the freshly extracted ginger juice.

One big thumb-size of ginger yields about one tablespoon of ginger juice.

Ginger juice is commonly used in Chinese cooking, most of the time as marinade. It can be used to make dessert too.

It is also a natural remedy for bloated stomach. Dilute ginger juice with water, cook and bring to a boil. Add some brown sugar and serve hot.


  1. Thks for sharing, been thinking of trying Table for 2's ginger milk curd, but lazy to extract the juice. Now with this simple tip, guess I will go ahead then ^_^

  2. neyeeloh,

    welcome! I will upload my ginger milk curd tml. Stay tune! :)

  3. Its good to drink ginger juice when having a cough.

  4. this is nice way to have ginger juice! :)

  5. Jess,

    You are welcome!


    I didn't know it's good for cough too, thanks for sharing. Will try next time.


    This may not be the most efficient way but it's convenient to do it this way. Alternatively, can squeeze using a cheesecloth.


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