Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Stir and Bake] Apple Blueberry Cake (Using Happycall Pan) 苹果蓝莓蛋糕

I love stir and bake cake, simply because of the fast preparation time and minimum washing is required.

I was inspired by Ellena when she first shared her pineapple upside down cake baked in Happycall pan. The recipe she used was a simple stir and bake recipe yet the result as claimed by Ellena and as seen from the picture was fabulous. I have some green apples sitting in my fridge for the longest time, so I decided to bake an apple cake using Ellena’s recipe with some modifications. I also added blueberries since I had some in my freezer.

In fact, this is not my first Happycall pan (HCP) cake. Prior to this, I had baked 3 cakes in HCP, including my favourite ultra soft & easy banana rum cake. Just to share, if you want to bake this banana cake in HCP, you need to double the recipe amount.

From my few attempts I find that cake baked in HCP is generally moister, the texture is close to steam-baked cake. HCP-baked cake will have thinner and softer crust as compared to oven-baked one. This makes me feel that cake baked in HCP is less “heaty”.

The trick to bake in HCP is to use very low heat. I normally use slightly higher heat at the beginning (say for the first 1 –2 mins) then switch to very low heat after that. Do not be tempted to open the cover or flip the pan too early.

This is what I mean by “very low heat”, you should only see blue flame.

This apple blueberry cake is very soft and moist. The texture remains the same on the next day with more intense flavour. I like it light yet flavourful with the fragrance from butter and all the natural ingredients used. I consider this as a healthy cake that I will bake for my son. To make it healthier, partial wholemeal flour can be used to replace normal flour.

Apple Blueberry Cake (Using Happycall Pan)
(Recipe adapted from Cuisine Paradise with modifications)

4 large eggs
45g brown sugar
45g white sugar
½ tsp vanilla extract
60g melted butter (I used salted butter)*
60g vegetable oil (corn oil, canola oil, olive oil etc)*
180g self-raising flour
¼ heaped tsp cinnamon powder**
2 medium size green apple (cut into small cubes)***
40-60g fresh or frozen blueberries****

*Both can be used interchangeable, i,e you can also use 120g of butter or 120g of vegetable oil or any combination added up to be 120g.
**With this amount you can only taste hint of cinnamon in the cake, if you prefer more prominent cinnamon taste, use at least ½ tsp or more.
***I cut the apples into small cubes for easy cutting purpose, so that the apple cubes won’t drop out easily when serving. Cut into bigger chunks if you prefer to have some crunchy bites.
**** If using frozen blueberries, do not thaw. Take out the frozen blueberries just before using, wash under running water and pat dry.

1) In a large bowl, beat (A) with a hand whisk till mixture turns slightly pale in colour (about 1 min).
2) Add (B), mix well.
3) Sift in (C) in 2 sessions, mix till just combined. Do not over mix; stop once you see no trace of flour.
4) Fold in (D).
5) Pour batter in Happycall pan, smooth the top. Cover and lock with magnet. Cook over very low heat for about 23-25 mins in total. Shift the pan left and right as and when in order to have even colour crust (though this is not necessary). I flipped the pan after baking for 20 mins and continue to cook for another 5 mins.

1) You may also bake this cake in the oven at 180C for about 40-45 mins using an 8” round tin or 20-25mins using muffin cups.
2) I didn't preheat or grease the pan.

Love apple cake? Here is another recipe that you may want to check it up.

Apple Cranberry Olive Oil Cupcake 苹果蔓越莓橄榄油杯子蛋糕


  1. 原来这个pan也可以作出那么棒的蛋糕哦!很方便。

  2. 是挺方便的但是我不会用它来烤七风之类的蛋糕。

  3. 我也是看到很多网友用HCP,好想买一个,就是不知道买那一个size好。

  4. 这个真的很方便

  5. Ann,

    那要看你要煮什么和煮几人份。如果单单用来煎东西或偶尔做蛋糕,我建议买standard pan(红色和Lejel卖的一样)。


    小小声说我最近买了jumbo size的,还没开张因为没有机会用到,所以有点后悔。

  6. 鲸鱼,



  7. 呵呵呵。。。原来蛋糕还能这样烤^^
    如果用standard pan就不需要做double的份量,对吗?
    谢谢你的分享 :)

  8. Wendy,

    你是指那个banana cake还是这个apple blueberry cake?

    Banana cake用standard pan烤还是要x2,因为原食谱份量很小,我用我的deeper pan烤x2还没满模。

    如果是这个apple blueberry cake就不用再调整了。

  9. 谢谢指点 :)哪。。。能不能先看demo ^-^ 因为我的厨房实在是太多电器用具了 :)

  10. Ann,

    Demo 在我家没问题,要叫Happycall给我代言费, :P

    我也很头痛storage的问题,我的部分厨房玩具已经移居store room,我最近还买了kitchenart的ceremic pot,一整set放在tabletop因为柜子已经没有位子了。

  11. 原来蛋糕会比较moist哦,那有機會我也要嘗試看看了,現在也只是拿來烘番薯。。呵呵

  12. 好好玩哦,妳的hsppycall。嘻嘻

  13. HI Angel

    thks for sharing the recipe..would like to ask, in terms of texture, is the cake made using hcp v similar to one using oven? i have yet to use my hcp to make cakes cause i always think that cakes should be baked in oven... i wish i have gotten the jumbo size instead cause i find that, the pan is a bit small if i want to cook veg in large quantities...
    btw, i tried the muah chee that u shared. really v easy and yummy! have a question though, after making the muah chee, can we leave it at room temp and not mixed it with the peanut mixutre until we want to serve? the first time i made this, the sugar melted by the time my kids ate them about an hour after i made the muah chee...
    and great that u took pic of the fire... it sure gives me a better idea of what low fire means:)

  14. Esther,


  15. octopusmum,

    At first I also have the same thinking as you. I still think that cake is best baked in oven which we can have more precise temp setting. The reason I based in HCP as it can reduce the baking time if I am baking a whole cake and I suppose not all cakes recipe is suitable to bake in HCP.

    Regarding the question about muah chee, yes, you can do that. I can also brush little oil on the surface of muah chee to prevent surface from turning dry. I think it's best be consumed within a few hours.

    I own a jumbo pan as well, to be frank the size is only slight bigger then the ocher deeper, and it suppose to be deeper than Ocher but I realize that the depht of jumbo at the bottom pan is actually more shallow than ocher, it's only the top pan is deeper. This doesn't make sense if you are using it to cook stir-fry dish.

  16. HI Angel

    thks for the tip on muah chee, will do that next time! that case, i think it is not that necessary to have the jumbo pan.

    rgds octopusmum

  17. Thanks for the mentioned Angel :) Your apple blueberry cake look awesome!!! Guess now we have all find a great tool to bake quick and yummy cake in no time.

  18. Octopusmum,

    I have a good news to share with u. I tried to keep the muah chee uncoated overnight and it remained soft in the next day morning.

  19. Ellena,

    Thanks for your great recipe. The credit is urs.

  20. Hi Angel,
    I tried this recipe today.. Taste good. But mine just didnt raise as much like Urs ... Wonder why? Over mixed? Or the flame too low/small???
    Is it suppose to raise till it filled up the pan? Orcher pan. Mine still left quite a bit of gap...


  21. Angie,

    If your cake is cooked and crust is browning then I don't think the flame is too small.

    Mine also didn't raise up to the top of the pan. Regarding the height of the cake sometimes it can be due to the folding technique. So long as ur cake raise and not dense I think you have done a good job.

  22. Hi, came across your blog, if i am using jumbo grill, do i need to x 2 for the Ingredients or can i still use the same measurement as u stated above?

  23. Hi dreambear,

    Though I own a jumbo I have never used it to bake cake before. For this cake I would think that x1.5 times should be ok, x2 times may be overflow. If you use the original recipe your cake will be very thin.


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