Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mee Jian Kueh aka Apam Balik (Yeast Version Using Happycall) 曼煎糕(酵母版)

mee Jian Kuah is one of my family’s favourite local snacks. There are two types, thick & soft or thin & crispy. Usually the thin & crispy type is sold by the Malays and thick & soft type is sold by the Chinese.

It is a breeze to make this popular local snack using my new toy. I had made Mee Jian Kueh (MJK) before using normal non-stick pan. May be the pan I used was too big, the MJK took quite a while to be fully cooked, the centre remained uncooked when the side had already turned dark brown. My MJK ended up quite dry and the colour of skin was uneven.

The recipe I am going to share here belongs to the thick & soft type. It is taken from the recipes shared in the Happycall Facebook group. Thanks to the contributor.

This is a very simple recipe yet the result is fabulous. I won’t say it is exactly the same as the MJK sold outside but it is at least 80% there. I will continue to try out new recipes until I find the one that is closest to my liking.

Original recipe is in metric measurement, I covert it to cup measurement because I find that it is even easier and has lesser utensil to wash using cup measurement.

First you will need a big measuring cup (min. 3 cups capacity), then you just add the ingredients accordingly based on the marking on the measuring cup and mix well. The measuring cup itself is the container for the MJK batter. Once done, put the whole measuring cup in a clean plastic bag, tie the bag and let proof. Sounds very easy right?

My first MJK using Happycall with peanut filing

I just let the Happycall Pan sit on the stove for 8 mins. You can see the side is lighter colour.

Before cutting

My second MJK using Happycall with red bean paste filling

This time I moved the pan left and right after cooking for about 2-3 mins, you can see the skin colour is even now. I also adjusted the recipe amount to make MJK thicker.

Mee Jian Kueh aka Apam Balik (Yeast Version Using Happycall)

Ingredients: (serve 4)
2/3 cup (160ml) water
1 small egg (if using bigger egg, cut down the water)
2 tbsp (25g) sugar
1 cup (130g) plain flour
½ tsp baking soda (I used slightly under 1/2 tsp)
½ tsp instant yeast

Fillings: butter / ground peanut + castor sugar / red bean paste etc

1) Mix (A) together, add (B) mix well using a hand whisk till the batter becomes smooth.
2) Cover, let proof for 45-60 mins. The batter should be bubbling before cooking.
3) Pour the batter into Happycall Pan, smooth out to get an even thickness. Close the lid with magnet. Cook over low heat for about 8 mins (can start to check for doneness after 6 mins). If you want the skin to have even colour, move the pan left and right every now and then. When the skin is brown and there are tiny holes on surface, it is done. Add fillings and fold into half. Slice and serve.

1) I think a pinch of salt can be added to the batter to make it more flavourful.
2) When cooking, do not need to flip the pancake or the pan.
3) The MJK remains soft after cooling down but I am not sure if keep overnight because I never have any leftover.


  1. i like thin and crispy mee jian kueh
    i would like it with coconut filling :P

  2. 我好想念薄脆的 mee jian kuih,下次回家乡要狠狠的大吃特吃 ^_^

  3. I love MJK too, especially the soft and thick one with peanuts, always want to make this but haven't got a good pan yet :)

  4. I love MJK ..
    Just back Ipoh last week and I bought a big one and of course eat them ..wahaha...

  5. wow, u can really cook! <3 nice !!!love your blog and the recipe your share..

  6. 0620,
    Coconut filling? Must be damn yummy.


    Actually you just need a normal non-stick pan to make this but don't use too big size one coz centre difficult to cook.

    everyone loves MJK, hehe.

    Thanks for your lovely comment. You make my day. :)

  7. Hi Angel, i have made the MJK twice, mine do not have so many holes like yours...what i do is i beat the egg and sugar then add in water, the flour I sift it with yeast and bicarbonate soda, then i add the liquid to the sifted flour. any wrong with my step? have you ever tried preparing the batter and let it proof overnight. Do u heat up your HCP and do u grease it? Appreciate your kind advise.

  8. Hi Emily,

    As stated in the recipe, I added the sifted flour mixture to the liquid instead. I am not sure if this makes any difference.

    The really batter should be bubbly, you will see some small holes on the surface. So if your batter is not like this, let it proof for a while more.

    I have never tried proofing overnight. I think the batter will be overproof if leave in room temp overnight. May be you can proofing in room temp for a while and keep in fridge till next morning.

    I didn't heat up my HCP and I also didn't grease it. If I did I will surely write in the recipe. :-)

    Happy calling!!!

  9. Thanks! Angel, will try again. Maybe I am still not good in controlling the fire and not use to Happy Call yet, practise make perfect :)


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