Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Toy

Recently I joined in the crave of Happycall Pan, a double-sided pressure pan from Korea.

I got to know about this pan in July this year during my mom’s stay in hospital through Channel U TV shopping. Why? Because I went to hospital to accompany my mum everyday and before my mum had her afternoon nap we would switch on the TV and watch together and we watched the TV commercial of this pan almost everyday during her one week stay in hospital. I was quite tempted to get the pan that time but the price was over my budget.

About 2 weeks ago I happened to find out the pan is sold in Gmarket at almost half of the price only (*eye rolled*) and it was within my budget. Then I started to read up more about this pan. The more I research the more I am interested.

Initially I thought this pan is for grilling only as advertised but it is actually a pressure pan so it supposes to make cooking faster (i.e. I can cut down the cooking time if I want to prepare a quick dinner after work). What’s more, there is newer model which has better and more coating and deeper as well. It took me 2 days for the research and on the third day I tak boleh tahan (could not resist) so I ordered one online as an early Christmas gift for myself. To think over, I have changed a lot over the years. In the past, I would buy myself party dress or branded bag as Christmas gift but it seems like I am more excited over kitchen toy nowadays

For those who follow my blog you must have noticed my cooking blog post is getting lesser and lesser and my blog has become almost a 100% baking blog, so I hope this new toy will provoke my interest in cooking again.

Here presenting my new toy – Happycall Ocher deeper pan.

Here is a video demonstrating how the pan works.


  1. I just read about this yesterday on Sonia's blog and I must say that I am getting quite interested in it too! Hoping to hear your reviews on the pan before I buy it hehe

  2. Janine,

    You mean Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) also blog about this? How come I can't find the blog post?

    I have yet to use it for frying fish, shall try and let you know.

  3. Hi, can you tell me where is GMarket? If buy online,from which website? Thanks. Precious Moment has good comments about the pan too.

  4. you won't regret it. I have the smaller (red) pan and I am now eyeing on this bigger one. Will pass down my small pan to my mom later on. :)

  5. Hi Sem,

    Gmarket is a online shopping portal, something like ebay.

    If you are from Singapore, the website is then serach for Happycall.

    Gmarket has presence in several countries so you can just check out the site of your country.

  6. edith,

    Why not keep both and buy a new one for ur mum? I think the standard one is good for grilling thinner food (I am eyeing for the standard pan). hehe.

  7. Oh Angel, I'm also interested after seeing you and Edith posted this pan. Is the sale still available?? :)

  8. Ann,

    Yes. You can get from Gmarket at cheaper price but there is fake pans around according to some sources from the internet so got to be careful when shop online.

  9. Angel, I am getting quite interested in it too! hahaha..
    especially heard make cooking faster and cut down the time of preparing the dinner... what a magic words to me as a busy working mother ...kakaka...

    Awaiting for your post, ya!

  10. HI Angie

    i read that the pan comes from Korea..will be going to Seoul in 2 weeks' time. do u think i can get it cheaper there? and how much did u pay for yours? anything that can speed up cooking time attracts my attention:) will research more on this pan before i leave for my trip...

  11. 和你一样,我也是从u频道那里看到。
    真的是beh tahan.呵呵。。。

  12. octopusmum,

    Yes, it is definitely cheaper in Korea and most importantly u can ensure it is 100% authentic coz there is fake pans around. If I am not wrong this pan is selling in Korea at around S$40+ but I paid $70. So it is a lot of savings.

    Don't forget to buy extra silicon sealer(the red colour thingy around the edge of the pan) for standby. The usual life span of the sealer is only 1 year, u need to replace it.

    Enjoy ur trip.

  13. 董夫人/ sean,


  14. Hi Angel

    thks! btw, is it very difficult to wash? also, do we have to wash it before we cook another food for example, after we cook fish, can we cook veg next without washing? what about the weight? how heavy is it? sorry for so many questions...and thks for telling me about the sealer!

  15. Hi Octopusmum,

    1) I have a deep bssin, so I don't find ir difficult to wash. Moreover, beiing non-stick, all stain/gravy can be easily wash off.

    2) It depends on what dish you cook. I guess if just grilling or less messy food can use paper towel to wipe before cooking the next dish but I have not tried frying fish before so not sure whether will have fishy smell though the pan is claimed to hv lesser odour.

    3) I didn't weigh but from online info the weight is about 1.7-1.8kg for this deeper pan. I need to use both hands to flip when it is filled with ingredients. To me, the weight is still manageable, at least it is lighter than many S/S pan.

  16. Hi Angel
    after seeing your mck in your latest post, i can't wait to get my hands on the pan! previously i asked about weight to see how heavy it is... cause i have to think how to lug it around when i am shopping in seoul... guess i should get the deeper one too, same as yours since there are 5 pple in my family:) thks much for your advice!

  17. Hi, Angel,
    Thanks for the info, will check it out whether they deliver to KL.

  18. Can u please advise whicher seller u bought from Gmarket singapore?


  19. hi angel, wonder do you know there is a baking ware supper mart somewhere in eunos ? I read about this place in few blogger but forgot which one. I visit family in Singapore and wish to visit this place, wonder u can help? Thank you.

  20. Hi about life,

    I am sorry that I have no idea of the baking ware super mart you are talking about. For baking supplies shop in Singapore, you can try Phoon Huat, there are many branches around Singapore, so it is more accessible.

  21. Hi Angel

    Juz came back fr Seoul . Managed to get the pan. However I am not sure which one did I buy. I bought the brown one. The length is 27.5 cm, width is about 22cm and depth is abt 5.5 cm. May I know what r the dimensions of your pan ? I think I have gotten the Standard pan though I had wanted a deeper one :(
    Regards Octopusmum

  22. Octopusmum,

    Happy new year and congrats to your new toy.

    I think you got the standard pan, mine as stated the depth is 7.5cm.

    I think Standard pan got its merit points also. Unless u wanna do stir-fry or stew dish in Happycall, if not standard pan will be a better choice for grilling, pan-fry and baking as it is more shallow both side of the skin (eg when u grill chicken) can touch the pan, the end result will be nicer. This is my personal opinion after using the deeper pan. So I am considering to get a Standard pan now. :P

  23. HI Angel

    strange thing is, there are only 2 sizes of the ocher pans sold in korea. my boss's son also bought one back for my boss , same size as mine. and according to him, he could only find 2 sizes of the orcher pan, ie jumbo and the one we have.... the dimensions r not stated anywhere but when i measured the depth, it is 5.5cm... but the wrapper is same as yours... can't wait to try out the recipes and the first one i am likely to do is the muah chee.. btw, anything i need to note on first use? thks

  24. octopusmum,

    Someone in the FB group actually measured the pan and the depht is less than 7.5cm. However, all sellers in Gmarket state that the depht is 7.5cm, it's quite confusing. As far as I know the standard pan sold here only comes in red colour. So very likely we bought the same pan. Btw, how much you pay for the pan in Korea?

    For first time use, wash pan with non-scratch sponge, then grease both sides with little oil. Cover and heat up over medium low fire for 2 mins each side. Wipe the oil away with kitchen paper towel and the pan is ready to use.

    Enjoy playing with your new toy!!

  25. Hi Angel

    tks, i measured mine and got a shock to see that it is only 5.5cm. am thinking of measuring it again tonight... anyway, i have also checked up the happy call korea website, they also indicated 2 sizes for the ocher pans, one is 7.5cm and the other is 8.5 cm (the jumbo one). so yes, i think we bought the same one. i paid 43k won for mine which is about S$51. the same pan is only about 35k won if buy from happy call korea website but all in korean, so not possible to buy from them direct lah...
    thks so much for the instructions. found the english manual but the english a bit difficult to read..

  26. Octopusmum,

    Yeah we own the same Happycall. :)

    Hope ur "opening ceremony" will be a great success. Remember to share with me ya.

  27. now that i know we have exactly the same pan, feel more assured to follow your now, u r my happy call shifu! so pls post more recipes using hcp, okay? so that i can learn from you... i think i will start w the muah chee first..looks simple...

  28. Hi there,

    i would like to get the same HCP as yours, but not sure where to get it, there are so many sellers out there, so i am not sure who is selling the authentic you have any idea? or can you share where did you get yours from? ~ Jo

  29. Hi Jo,

    U can check out gmarket, follow the below link

    Best sellers are MIKE, Smart Green Style, Biz J, the review from customers and get the idea which seller you want to choose. These are some realible sellers with track record in Gmarket. I am not associate with any of them.


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