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名不虚传 ~ 十谷米亚麻籽全麦土司(冷藏液种)Ten Grains Flaxseed Wholemeal Bread (Overnight Cold Batter)


买回来的有机亚麻籽摊开在烤盘上烤香冷却后用搅拌机磨成粉状,收入密封盒子放在冰箱可以耐一个月。每一汤匙亚麻籽含有3800毫克的奥米茄三脂肪酸(Omege-3 fatty acid),相当于鱼肝油的10倍,但没有腥味、高胆固醇和饱和脂肪酸的弊处(资料取自百度百科),我让妈妈每天都吃一汤匙,加入饮料里或食物里比较容易吃。亚麻籽粉的味道香香的,有点类似芝麻的味道,所以也能为饮料/食物增添风味。



(取自《面包教室 5°C 冰种的美味》,参考Bernice

高筋粉 300克
水 300克
速溶酵母(Instant yeast) 1克 (我用稍微隆起的¼茶匙)

1) 所有材料搅拌至酵母完全溶解入面团即可。
2) 室温发酵1小时,放入5度C(冰箱的温度)冷藏,至少16小时,备用。

高筋粉 270g
全麦面粉 70g
亚麻籽粉 10g
黄砂糖 50g
盐 5g (1茶匙)
无盐奶油 50g
十谷米浆 125g
冷藏液种 300g (以上一半的份量)



Ten Grains Flaxseed Wholemeal Bread (Overnight Cold Batter)
(adapted from《面包教室 5°C 冰种的美味》, refer to Bernice, translated by Angel of Cook.Bake.Love)

Overnight Cold Batter
300g bread flour
300g water
1g instant yeast (I used slightly heaped ¼ tsp)

1) Mix all ingredients till yeast is dissolved.
2) Proof in room temperature for 1 hour, then refrigerate for at least 16 hours.

Main Dough
270g bread flour
70g wholemeal flour
10g ground flaxseed
50g brown sugar
5g (1 tsp) salt
5g Instant yeast (I used 1 tsp + slightly heaped ½ tsp)
50g unsalted butter
125g ten grains paste
300g overnight cold batter (half of the above portion)

1) Mix all ingredients except butter to form a dough. Add butter, knead to form a smooth and elastic dough. Cover it with cling film. Allow it to proof for 50 mins.
2) Punch out the air, divide the dough into 3 equal portions, mould it round. Allow it to rest for 15 mins.
3) Roll the dough flat with a floured rolling pin, then roll it up like swiss roll. Allow it to rest for 15 mins. Repeat the step one more time.
4) Place 3 pieces of the dough into pullman tin. Let it proof for 40-50mins.
5) Bake in pre-heated oven at 180C for 40 mins (cover the top with aluminum foil once turns brown to prevent over bake).


  1. hi angel,
    this is the first time i write comment on your blogpost..
    wow!! the bread is so soft...make my saliva keep drooling..good job!!
    can i ask you, where you did buy the white bread slicer..(if i not wrongly name it)? because malaysia is hard to get it..

  2. oh ya, this ten grain paste, how to prepare? can i just use ten grain powder or have to add water to become paste?

  3. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for your lovely comment.

    I bought the bread slicer online from Taobao. Which part of Malaysia are you from? I ever saw it in a baking supply shop in JB selling at RM16.

    I made the 10 grains paste using soya milk machine. 3-4tbsp of 10 whole 10 grains + 1300ml. You may use 10 grains powder for sure just make sure it is not sweetened, if it is you can reduce the sugar used in the dough.

  4. 很赞的一个“种”,其实食谱我抄了很久,但是迟迟都没动手做!害怕自己做不好。。

  5. 看到真的很软, 有机会我也要做, 因为我家的flax seed还很多, 不懂要怎样用。

  6. hi angel,
    ohh ok i know how to prepare the paste now.. thanks..i live in taiping,perak..far away from jb..but i'm from johor but i follow my hubby and stay in perak...

  7. wow i saw the bread and i thought it was so soft! i was going to ask how you make the ten grains paste but now i know from your comments :D may i ask where in jb did you get the 10 grains and flaxseed? i haven't seen them around :/

  8. 这个很营养耶,很棒的食谱。。。我家也有一包有机亚麻籽,如果有做面包的时候都喜欢撒一些 ^_^

  9. i just done a white loaf just now, but yours definitely better than me with added flaxseed. You should made this more often for your family.

  10. this is my first time at your blog and i can't stop clicking away on the recipes! it's the kind of bread and cakes my mum loves, so maybe i can try to impress her one day with your recipes! she doesnt like those thick crust artisan breads that i do ): this bread looks so soft!

  11. Janine,

    U can get it from organic store. I bought mine from the organic food session of Tesco.

  12. Hi Angel,
    I remember seeing your flaxseed wholemeal bread recipe but now I can't find the recipe. Thank you for this great recipe and have try baking this bread before, it was a very good recipe, where can I find this recipe now. TQ.

  13. Hi Angel
    Love your site and thanks for sharing many wonderful recipe

  14. Hi. 我也愛用五穀雜糧做吐司麵包。不過就我所知,亞麻子不能烤過,現磨現吃最好。磨成粉末狀的亞麻子放置十五分鐘之後就開始氧化了。Joan。

    1. Joan


  15. Hi Angel

    I used your recipe but replace the 10 grain paste with oats. Can i know your 10 grain paste is thick or watery? Also the overnight cold batter i did didn't raise (not obvious) and no holes. Is this alright?

    I like the texture and taste of my 1st try but the third day, the bun turn dry and harder.

    Thank u :-)

    1. Hi lihuan,

      The consistency of the ten grains paste is like red bean paste/ black sesame paste dessert. I think it is fine to replace with cooked oats (not dry one) but not too thick type coz the ten grain paste I used is still quite runny.

      The cold overnight will not raise a lot but it should have some holes like my photos.

  16. In that case, will the dough be very sticky?

    1. Hi lihuan,

      No. The dough is quite eady to handle as mentioned in my blog post.


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