Wednesday, April 6, 2011

10-Minute Chocolate & Vanilla Marble Loaf 十分钟搞定巧克力香草云石蛋糕


是出自Mary Berry的"Mary Berry’s Simple Cakes”一书的食谱。Mary Berry是英国著名cookery writer和美食节目主持人,想知道更多关于她的资料可以参考这里

我对这本书简直是爱不释手,里头的食谱真的很simple,可是成品却又那么吸引人,我好想尝试完里头的每一个食谱。书里头大多数的食谱都采用自发面粉,而且大多使用All-In Method, 就是把所有材料一起加入搅拌缸里搅打就行了。可惜书是从图书馆借来的,到期了就得要还,后来我去图书馆几次想再借这本书但每次都借不到。


这款蛋糕书上特别指定用margarine。我还是第一次用margarine做蛋糕,少了牛油香,但也许是加入香草精和可可粉的原故,蛋糕的味道还是很棒。蛋糕的组织和我以往用creaming method做的牛油蛋糕很不一样,它比较轻盈蓬松,我觉得像极满月礼盒里常见的云石/牛油蛋糕的口感。唯一我不喜欢的是蛋糕挺松散的,吃的时候会掉蛋糕屑。是我搅拌过度的关系吗?食谱说打两分钟,我没计时,但我想应该超过两分钟吧。


Chocolate & Vanilla Marble Loaf

225g (8oz) margarine
225g (8oz) caster sugar (I cut down to 180g)
275g (10oz) self-raising flour
2 level tsp baking powder
4 large eggs
2 tbsp milk
½ tsp vanilla extract
1½ level tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp hot water

1) Preheat the oven to 160°C/Fan 140°C/gas 3. Lightly grease a 900g (2lb) loaf tin, 17 x 9 x 9cm (6½ x 3½ x 3½in) base measurement (I used a 9”x5” loaf pan) and line with a wide strip of non-stick baking parchment to go up the wide sides and over the base of the tin.
2) Measure (A) into a large bowl and beat with a hand-held electric mixer for about 2 minutes, until well blended. Spoon half the mixture into another bowl and set aside.
3) In a small bowl, mix the cocoa powder and hot water together until smooth (I prepared this first before step 1). Allow to cool slightly, then add to one of the bowls of cake mixture, mixing well until evenly blended.
4) Spoon the vanilla and chocolate cake mixtures randomly into the prepared tin until all of the mixture is used up, and gently level the surface. Bake for 50 minutes to 1 hour, until the cake is well risen, springy to the touch and beginning to shrink away from the sides of the tin. Allow to cool in the tin for a few minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack, peel off the lining paper and leave to cool completely.

(Recipe reference: Marry Berry’s Simple Cakes by Marry Berry, icing is omitted)


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  2. the cake is fast and easy (: yet it look so lovely and fluffy! (:

  3. Your cake look so tempting, and it take so short time to do it, must try next time.

  4. So nice! reminds me of the Sara Lee marbled pound cakes I love eating since I was a boy! Like Jasmine said, the instructions are clear and simple to follow. Thanks!

  5. Your marbling effect is already very pretty, to me... :D

  6. 很美啊, 一看之下还以为是土司, 不过这个真的很简单, 下次试试看。

  7. 很美的花纹!简易又好吃的蛋糕是我喜欢的。

  8. 我喜欢牛蛋糕。。谢谢分享!已连接你了~

  9. travellingfoodies ,

    you are right...thanks for reminding, somehow it tasted like Sara Lee minus the sweetness (I find Sara Lee a bit too sweet) I had when I was a little girl. I can't remember since when I stopped eating Sara Lee. Haha.

  10. thanks for ur recipe, i am eating it now in the midnight... so yummy...


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