Monday, October 18, 2010

Sponge Omelette with Banana Nutella/Cheese Fillings 香蕉巧克力榛子酱/芝士馅海绵蛋饼

A hearty breakfast prepared for my family on Sunday morning.

Banana Nutella filling and cheddar cheese filling, which one you prefer?

The banana Nutella filling one is especially for my mom who doesn't like cheese. I asked mom if it was nice, my mom answered it was not nice.... it was very nice! :)

I tasted both. I would say both were nice but if I were to choose I would prefer the cheese one as the savory cheddar cheese make the whole thing 咸咸甜甜 (savory and sweet), something I couldn't resist. It tasted good by itself or you may also serve with fruits and jam.

The texture of the "omelette" is light and fluffy like a sponge cake, that's the reason I name it as "Sponge Omelette". The step that makes it sponge like is by beating eggs and sugar till very thick and fluffy (ribbon stage). This can be easily achieved by using an electronic mixer. Of course this can also be achieved by hand whisk but extra time and effort are needed.

Below is how the Sponge Omelette looks like before cutting. Obviously the "fatter" one is with banana Nutella filling.

Recipe adapted from Cosy Bake and Precious Moments (which was first seen at Table for Two or More).

(yield 5 – 6 pieces)
3 large eggs
30g sugar
30g flour
Few drops of vanilla extract/essence
Butter for frying
Filings - sliced cheddar cheese/ sliced bananas/ Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread

1) Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla at high speed to reach ribbon stage (takes about 10 mins). Sift in flour and use a rubber spatula to fold in gently to the egg batter.
2) Heat up a non-stick pan and brush with butter (the surface of my pan surface is uneven type, that's why the "skin" of my omelette is not smooth. If possible, choose to use non-stick pan with smooth surface).
3) Add a ladle of batter to the centre of the pan and let the batter spread by itself (don't ever try to spread the batter). The batter is suppose to stay thick and looks like a pillow.
4) Cover pan with a lid and let the batter cook in the lowest flame.
5) When the surface of the batter starts to have tiny holes and the edges is in golden colour, open the lid and add fillings on half of the omelette.
6) Flip the other side over to form a semicircle, move it to the centre and continue to cook for about 1 min with lid on.
7) Open the lid, flip to the other side and continue to cook for another minute without lid or until golden brown.
8) Repeat step 2 to 7 with remaining batter.
9) Serve with fruits, jam or by itself.

Replace vanilla extract/essence with dash of ground cinnamon (to be mixed with flour if using ground cinnamon).


  1. very nice omelette couldn't wait to try this out!

  2. 哇....你这个...我疯狂地想吃涅.......

  3. Wah, I like both... don't ask me to choose, really can't decide... :P

  4. 呵呵。。。两个做口味我都喜欢,有空一定会试试看。

  5. Wah, very quick!!
    Anything with nutella sure wins hands down.

  6. Wow...will definitely try this!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Tell u a secret, I like to sandwich my bread with nutella and sliced cheese. It's an excellent combination for me. :)

  8. Ooh Angel! This looks like the perfect dish for my eldest boy! I think I will also love this to death! Haha... Ah, I remembered your family don't take cheese. So I supposed you'll be the one to wobble up the cheese fillings? ;)

  9. I just saw this recipe in Wendy's blog, I can't wait to try out.

  10. Angel, you are fast! I have bookmarked this recipe but havent got a chance to make it. I will love both, cheese and nutella both my favourite :)

  11. SHould try out this recipe.,...Looks good.

  12. Slllurrrppp... My saliva is everywhere. Hahah. Sounds disgusting? But it is. It looks so delicious. And I will try it soon. But I've been so busy with my exam prep! When I am very tired from studying, I will steal 10 minutes to visit my blog pals. But too bad I can only admire all your bakes and cannot do anything. 有心无力 :) Anyway, thanks for sharing !

  13. Hi everyone, thanks for giving such good comments. This recipe is a keeper, do try it out.

    SSB, I tried sandwich nutella with cheese too, yummy!

    Jane, u have good memory ya :) my husband takes little cheddar cheese so he had the cheese one too whereas my parents had the banana nutella.

    Weng, I understand how you feel, this is exactly what I had experience during my early pregnancy.

  14. Hi Angela, long time did not visit your blog.
    How are you and Lucius?
    He already 7mths old, time flies.
    Does he likes his solid food? I am sure he likes most of the food that cooked by mommy.

    Anyway, I like this recipe.
    I guess I gonna make it for Sarah when she started her kindy next year; like her bekalan to school.

    One question:
    Step 3: meaning, we even cannot shake the pan or anything to make the batter look even? Once scooped it inside the pan and let it be?


  15. I like the one with banana nutella! Really want to try this out for breakfast, thanks for sharing :)

  16. Joanne,

    For step 3, It's just my experience sharing.

    When I fried the first pc, I tried to spread the batter with the turner. The omelette became flat and not in perfect round shape.

    When I fried second pc, I tried to turn the pan to allow the batter to spread faster. The omelette remained perfect round shape and thicker but still looked a bit flat.

    Learning from my lesson, when I fried the third pc, I did nothing after adding the batter. I let the batter to spread slowly by itself. The omelette turned out to be good (thicker and spongy).

  17. Min,

    You are welcome!

    Looking forward to seeing your version soon.

  18. Joanne,

    Lucius seems to enjoy his weaning time.

    He likes all the food I prepared especially sweet potato puree. :-)

  19. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Ok, I think I better stick to your advice. Do nothing to the batter and let it flow by itself on the pan.
    - I am sure by now Lucius does not like pureed food anymore. He is an 1 yr old boy who loves more texture food.


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