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Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake with Simple Lemon Buttercream 【柠檬牛油淇淋夹心】日本棉花蛋糕





原食谱是用swiss roll pan来烤,但我没有swiss roll pan,灵机一动用了买烤箱时附送的烤盘。可是那烤盘的底部是不平的,而且很浅,所以烤出来的蛋糕比较薄,厚度也不一。


Recipe adapted from Alex Goh’s Creative Making of Cakes.

Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake

60g butter
80g plain flour
80ml evaporated milk
1 egg
5 egg yolks
5 egg whites
120g sugar (I reduced to 90g)
Pinch of salt

1) Cook (A) till melted then add (B) and mix till well blended (do it when the melted butter is still warm).
2) Add (C) and mix well combined.
3) Add (D) and mix till we blended.
4) Whisk the egg whites from (E) till foamy. Add sugar and salt and continue to whisk till stiff (I add in 2 sessions).
5) Mix the egg whites mixture to the egg yolk mixture till well incorporated (what I did was to fold 1/3 of the egg whites mixture to the egg yolk mixute, then fold the batter to the remaining egg white mixture).
6) Pour the batter onto a swiss roll pan fully lined with baking paper.
7) Bake in preheated oven at 170C on the middle rack for 25 minutes (mine was cooked in about 20 minutes).
8) Unmould immediately after removing from oven.
9) Cut into 2 portions and sandwich together with buttercream after cooling down completely.

Simple Lemon Buttercream (by Angel)

55g butter (soften at room tempreture)
2 tbsp icing sugar (to taste)
Granted lemon rinds from ½ lemon
One drop of lemon juice

Beat butter and lemon rinds, add icing sugar and continue to beat for a while, then add lemon juice, beat till light and fluffy.


  1. 看得出蛋糕很松,我可以一下子吃很多片。。 ;D

  2. 做得很美哦!蛋糕一定很香很软。

  3. 喜欢这样的蛋糕, 感觉很柔软, 而且还有我喜欢的牛油夹馅。

  4. This looks real cottony and so..oft!! Can I use a mixture of milk powder and water to make evaporated milk?? I haven't come across evaporated milk here..

  5. Angel, i have this book too but likely missed out this great recipe. This is certainly kinda cake i love to eat, furthermore with my favourite lemon butter cream! Yours simply cottony soft, love the zint of lemony taste. Gonna bake this soon to satisfy my crave!

  6. Angel, the cake looks soft and cottony, I can have a few slices at one go :)

  7. beautiful cottony cake i would like to have some for my dessert right now.

  8. 我也想做这个蛋糕,可是好像不容易做涅

  9. Looks very soft and cottony. How come I never come across this book by Alex Goh? I must visit bookstores more often. :)

  10. The cake looks beautiful (exactly like the book's). And the texture of the cake is just perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love the texture of the cake, very soft and cottony, it must be delicious :)

  12. Love the texture of the cake, very soft and cottony, it must be delicious :)

  13. Hi,amazing blog!
    The dessert looks so yummylicious..
    I can't wait tot try it!

  14. Can you please clarify what kind of flour please? TIA

  15. Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Evaporated milk is a shelf-stable canned milk product with about 60% of the water removed from fresh milk. You may replace with whole milk or milk powder+water but the taste may be slight different. Moreover, evaporated milk is thicker (heavier) so in terms of volume, if you use normal milk the amount will be more for the same weight. I suggest you reduce the amount slightly.


    This book was published a few years back so I am not sure if it is still on sale.

  16. TIA,
    The flour used here is plain flour (all-purpose flour). Thanks for asking, I have amended the recipe.

  17. hello,i am a new baker.just accidentally bump into your blog.i really like your cake,they looks so delicious and attractive.may i know is the butter salted or unsalted?

  18. Hi Sweetie Yukari,

    Thanks for your compliment.

    I used salted butter in this cake. The butter used in this cake is just a small amount, I think using salted or unsalted won't have any significant effect.

    However, in baking usually unsalted butter is used.

  19. Hi, can I know what is the dimension of the pan you used for this recipe?

    Thx very much


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