Friday, April 23, 2010

Fine Butter Cake 细致牛油蛋糕




上个星期天下午趁Lucius睡着我心血来潮动手做了。蛋糕没有让我失望,如其名真的很细致,而且不油腻。因为爸妈不喜欢太重的牛油味,我把Golden Churn butter换成SCS。

150g Golden Churn butter (I used SCS butter)
1 tbsp corn oil/olive oil
110g sugar
1/3 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla paste or 1 tsp vanilla essence
3 eggs
140g cake flour
40g corn starch
1/3 tsp baking powder
3 - 5 tbsp whipping cream/milk (I used 5 tbsp milk)

1) Mix cake flour, corn starch and baking powder together. Sieve twice into a large mixing bowl.
2) Cream butter, oil, sugar, vanilla and salt till pale and fluffy.
3) Beat in eggs one at time, beat well after each addition.
4) Add in the flour mixture and mix at low speed till well blended.
5) Stir in the whipping cream/milk.
6) Pour batter into a lined loaf pan and bake at 180C for 35 - 45 minutes or till cooked (I used a 9”x5” black steel pan, bake at 165C for 40 minutes. For a taller and better looking cake, a smaller pan should be used).

1) After 10 - 12 minutes in the oven, remove it and make a length-wise cut on the surface of the batter with a knife so that the cake will "explode" nicely with a neat line in the middle.
2) For best result use Golden Churn butter and whipping cream.

(Recipe source: Do What I Like)


  1. When i first saw the title, was thinking whether is it from Florence blog as it's very familiar...

  2. Sharon,

    You got good memory :)

    Have u tried this recipe?

  3. 我很喜欢重奶油的蛋糕, 不过也是因为怕不健康, 所以很少做, 因为吃了都会有罪恶感。 但是我觉得久久放纵一些自己也不是坏事。

  4. hi!

    it looks plain but delish! am a very new baker so can i check with u the butter is it salted or unsalted?


  5. Hi Angela, it has been some time I did not visit your blog. How are you and Lucius? He has grown up so much. How old is he now?

    About the cake...yummy! The texture really looked so fine.

    May I know what is SCS means?

  6. 我已经嗅到又浓又香的奶油味了.

  7. This looks so light and delicate. Perfect with a cup of tea! Yum

  8. Min,


  9. Diana,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    The butter I used in this cake is salted butter but in most recipes unless specific, the butter used is usually unsalted.

    I think salted or unsalt is personal preference, you may use either one. Personally I prefer salted butter.

    Happy baking!

  10. Joanne,

    Lucius is 2 months old now. I will post his latest photos in a short while.

    SCS is the brand name of butter, the label is a star, I am sure you see it in supermarket or even bought it before.

  11. cherry potato,


  12. Elizabeth and Jared,

    Thanks for your lovely comment. :)

  13. Hi

    I've baked this cake yesterday and it is very tasty =) thks for sharing this recipe. I find my cake kinda hard when I ate it this morning for breakfast (still tasty just that the texture is abit hard). Have been wondering if I have overmix the mixture or miss some important step. Mind taking a peek at my cake and give me some advise? Thks

  14. mel,

    I have seen your cake, from the picture it looks perfectly fine. The crust is baked till golden brown, it doesn't seem like overbaking.

    By right butter cake should taste better the next day or day after next.

    You may be right. Over mixing will cause gluten to develop and yield a hard cake.

    When folding in the flour, if you are using a elect mixer make sure you switch to low speed, just beat for a few seconds, stop once u see the flour disappers.

    Alternatively, you may use a spatula to fold in the flour. Same here, fold till flour disappers. Do not keep stirring.

  15. Hi =)

    Thanks for your replying. When u mentioned that the cake should taste better the next day, are you refering to the texture (soft and moist) or the taste?

    Hm, next time I shall use the electric mixer to fold in the flour. For this cake I used a hand whisk to fold (whenever I used the spatula the cake will turn out super hard zzzzzz) Anyway, thks for the advise. Will try again when I've got the time.


  16. Mel,

    The cake willbe more moist on the next day or da after next as the "oil" in butter need time to "come out".

    You mean you used hand whisk = egg beater? It's not adviable to use that coz you will tend to over mix. Use a spatula instead. For elect mixer remember to stop once you see the flour disappear and always add flour in a few sessions.

    Do try again I am sure your cake will turn out soft and moist.

  17. Hi

    Yup, I use the 'balloon' hand whisk aka egg beater (fold in 3 batches) cos whenever I use the spatula the flour doesn't seem to fold in properly haiz.. keep seeing flour in the batter then the result = 'cement' cake XD. Need to pratice more on the folding part. Will definitely try again.


  18. Mel,

    Try to use a larger spatula, I am sure it makes the job easier.

    The only time when I use the egg beater to mix in flour is when I make chiffon cake. After using the egg beater to beat the egg yolk, I use it to mix in flour too. As the amount of flour used is not much, I can mix in the flour easily without worrying about overmixing.

  19. Hihi!

    Can I noe what is corn starch? NTUC got sell?


  20. Hi Admin,

    Corn starch is corn flour which is the something used for thickening sauce and gravy. NTUC carries a few brands.


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