Monday, July 20, 2009

Carrot Yogurt Bread 红萝卜优格面包

I have not been updating my blog for the past one week plus because I was down with gastric flu. I hate gastric flu, it really made me go crazy.

Back to the topic, I made this bread in early June. I always want to make American style carrot cake but the first thing I bake with carrot is carrot bread.

I didn't refer to any particular recipe for this bread. Basically I just mixed and matched the recipes from my past few attempts to bread making.

The bread turned out soft and fine though couldn't really taste the carrot in it.

80g water
1 tsp salt
30g sugar
2 tbsp milk powder
250g bread flour
125g plain flour (+ more if the dough is too wet)
1 tsp instant yeast
1 medium carrot (about 90-100g)(shredded)
150g plain yogurt
45g soft butter
Some raisins (optional)(I used about 1/3 cup)(presoak in water)

By bread machine
1) Add all ingredients (except carrot, yogurt, butter and raisins) according to the above sequence into bread pan.
2) Select 'Dough' function, press 'Start/Stop' button to start the program.
3) Once ingredients start to mix together, add yogurt and carrot alternatively. Dust with some flour if you find the dough is too wet.
4) Stop the program after 10 mins.
5) Select 'Sweet' function, loaf size (should be the smaller size) and crust colour, press 'Start/Stop' button to start the program. (I wanted to select the smaller size '700g' and 'Light' colour but I forgot to do so before pressing 'Start/Stop' button, so it actually followed the default setting which is '900g' and 'Medium' colour).
6) Add butter gradually and let the B.M to continue kneading.
7) After the first beep, add raisins gradually.
8) Check the progress, you may stop the program earlier if the crust at the side has become golden brown, this would prevent the bread from over baking. (I stopped 25 mins before the end time).


  1. gastric flu feels horrible...take care

    I will bake more after I move..keep in touch

  2. Glad that you are getting well now.

    Your bread looks delicious....It motivated me to get bread machine for myself soon.

  3. Hi Pauline,

    Thanks. Looking forward to see more goodies from you.

    Hi MeRy,

    Thank you. If u have a mixer and oven, they can also do the same job, or even better.

  4. This is nice, remember to keep some for me.

  5. Sock Peng,



    All in my stomach already. Hahaha.

  6. very nice, I hope to make home made bead too. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hi Mummy Moon,

    Thanks. Looking forward to see ur home-made bread soon. :)

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  9. This looked very good.

    I wonder can I modify the recipe to Carrot Yogurt Cake?

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  11. Hi Joanne,

    Carrot Yogurt Cake? This is a good idea! But bread and cake are 2 different things, I don't think can modify from this bread recipe. I suggest u refer to some yogurt cake recipes and modify from there.

  12. Is this bread soft? I always think bread-maker breads are usually hard and dense. :)

  13. Hi Aimei,

    Thanks for dropping by my site.

    Yes, the bread is very soft.

    Home-made bread normally will turn hard and dry the next day or day after next because there is no improver added but if u freeze it, it will be as soft as the day u make after defrost. I realize this is thw way to store home-made bread.

  14. Thanks for the tip! Is put in freezer or fridge? if freezer may need quite some time to thaw it right?

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  16. Aimei,

    Keep the bread in an air-tight container or zip-lock bag and put in freezer, do not put in fridge, the bread will become dry.

    After taking out from the freezer, the bread takes less than 20 mins to thaw in room temp. Alternatively, you may toast it for a few mins straightaway out from the freezer.

    If you buy commercial bread such as Sunshine, you may find this storage method on the packaging. :)

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