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Calling All Durian Lovers ~ Durian Muffin 榴莲松糕





榴莲muffin在烤的时候并没有很浓的榴莲味,是淡淡的榴莲味夹杂很香的牛油味,我用Golden Churn,味道真的很香浓。




Durian Muffin 榴莲松糕

This is definitely for durian lovers only. The muffin is very soft even on the third day. The aroma from the durian is quite dominant, plus the pure durian flesh in the centre, it tastes heavenly!

Ingredients: (yield 12 medium size muffins)
160g plain flour (I used 180g superfine flour)
120g sugar (I cut down to 100g)
1½ tsp baking powder
Pinch of salt (optional)
120g butter (melted)
120g milk (I added extra 1tbsp water)
2 eggs (lightly beaten)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup durian flesh (use a fork to mash the durian flesh)

1) Preheat oven to 180C, prepare muffin cup or line muffin tray with paper liners.
2) In a large bowl, sift and mix together (A). In another bowl combine and mix (B).
3) Make a well in the centre of (A) and add in (B), stir till just incorporated (use a spatula to fold from bottom to top and use the other hand to turn the mixing bowl at the same time).
4) Add about half of (C), mix till combined (do not over mix). Batter should be a bit runny.
5) Fill up each muffin cup with the batter till 50% full, add 1 tsp of the remaining durian flesh, then top with the batter till 80% full.
6) Bake for about 20 - 25 mins or till a toothpick inserted into the centre of muffin and come out clean. Remove muffin from muffin tray and cool on wire rack.

My muffins were cooked in 20 mins time but the top crust still looked quite pale, I switched to top fire and baked for another 2 - 3 mins to get golden brown crust.

Recipe reference: (recipe had been modified)


  1. I love durian but not my family. Anyway I love to bake durian cake and your durian muffin looks good.

  2. Hi Anncoo,

    Good to hear from you again. It has been quite some times since your last blog post, where have you been?

    Quick quick share with us your durian cake. Looking forwaard to it.

  3. Hi CBL,
    Thanks for your concern, being busy doing "Tourist Guide"...haha..
    Anyway, did you encounter the problem of uploading photos? My friend also facing this problem as mine...don't understand why.

  4. I loooveee durian! hehe.. I've never seen durian muffins. Have to try this! =)

  5. Yummy...I love durian alot.

  6. 我肯定不会做

  7. Anncoo,

    I have no problem uploading photos but sometimes not all photos are uploaded sucessfully, eg I upload 3 photos but only 1 photo is uploaded then I got to redo.

    U try again I believe the problem is only temporary.

  8. tracieMoo & MeRy,

    We are whole bunch of durian lovers, if u have excess durian, try this, it's easy and quick.

  9. Sock Peng,



  10. I like durian too... But i do not know how to choose good durain, i only see the durian nice nice, i buy it...

    Your durian muffin is very nice...

    I made some muffins too, but i was in a hurry to do it, so overpour in the muffin cup and turn out out of shape, kekeke...

  11. First time i come across durian muffins... must be delicious

  12. i love durians and i love muffins so this perfect combination is very lethal for me .. he he he

  13. Hi Sharon,

    I also don't know how to choose good durian, normally I ask the seller to choose for me.

    U also make durian muffin?

  14. Hi Mummy Moon,

    I believe this is the first time you leaving ur comment, thanks for dropping by my site. ^O^

    I also never try durian muffin before, I think durian cake is more common.

  15. Hi missy,

    Quickly grab some durians before the season end to make some muffins.

  16. Hi
    These muffins look delicious! Even though I ve never had durian, these must be so good!

  17. Hi Snooky doodle,

    Thanks for your compliment, it's so encouraging!

    The cakes that you made look fabulous!

  18. Hi, can I change the butter to the vege oil?
    Thanks for the recipe, I'm durian lover too. :)

  19. gladys,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Yes. Feel free to replace melted butter with veg oil for healtier version but the muffin will not be as fragrant.

    Happy Baking!


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