Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Butter Loaf 牛油土司




面包还有拉丝的哦! 这张是妹妹拍的,我帮忙拉。


100g milk (I use UHT full cream milk)
2 large eggs (lightly beaten)
4 ½ tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
320g bread flour
55g cake flour
2 ¼ tsp instant yeast
75g butter (cut into small cubes, soften at room temp)


By bread machine
1) Place all ingredients based on the sequence listed above (except butter) into the bread machine pan. Select 'Dough' program. Let it knead for 5 mins until dough is formed, add butter gradually and continue to knead for another 5 mins (total kneading time: 10 mins), press 'Start/Stop' button to stop the program.
2) Select 'Sweet' program, 'Light' colour, '700g' (the smaller size of my bread machine) and press 'Start/Stop' button to start the program. Let the machine do all the work.
3) When bread is done, remove it from the machine and cool on wire rack before slicing.

By hand or mixer
You may refer to the steps here.


Being kiasu I gave the bread extra 10 mins of kneading (step 1), hoping that the bread would turn out softer. You may skip step 1 and just use the 'Sweet' function.

Do monitor the kneading progress (especially at the beginning) to check if there is any ingredient at the side of the pan which the kneader can't reach. Use a spatula to scrape down the ingredients.

Refrain from opening the lid when the dough is proofing or baking (I unconsciously opened the lid when I saw the dough had rose so high and touched the lid. I quickly closed the lid and the dough just flattened to the pan level. Luckily, this didn't affect the final result.)

While eating the bread I didn't spread any jam. I think it tasted good enough by eating on its own.
The bread was soft and fluffy with quite a strong aroma from the butter. The crust wasn't too thick, it was crispy while the bread was still hot. I liked to eat with the crust but my sister preferred to eat the soft bread only.


  1. Hi Anncoo,


  2. hi, iam from indonesia, n today i bake this loaf, thx a lot for sharing ^^

  3. chuany,

    You are welcome! I hope you like the bread.

  4. 很像磨姑。。。很可爱。

  5. Gigi,




  6. Hi,
    Thank you very much for sharing. It is indeed the best butter loaf.
    I have baked this loaf again, again, again and again.
    Will try your cottony soft bread soon.
    cheers !

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    U are welcome! I am glad that u like this recipe.

    For the cottony soft bread it's recommended to bake in oven instead of bread machine (though u may use BM to knead the dough). The result by using BM is less desirable, it yields a more crumbly bread.

  8. I just tried this using bm. Sooooooo good!!!!! Thank you for your recipes, wanted to give up bread making until I tried your recipes, all yummy n good!!!
    I only failed in the coffee bread, pretty tasteless heheheh!
    I love the butter taste for this. Very nice!!!!

    Thank you

  9. Gina,

    You are welcome!

    I am glad that I can help you.

  10. Angel, I am a beginner. Enjoy reading your blog.I want to try this bread, but my BM doesn't have sweet function. I have the Panasonic BM. Can I just use the bake function for this one to get the same result? Thanks, Vivian

    1. Hi Vivian,

      For my BM the bake function is only purely bake, no kneading and proofing. I think you should select basic function.

  11. Hi angel, I'd love to make this bread--seems so yummy. But my BM doesn't have the sweet function. Can I use the normal basic bake function to achieve the same result?

  12. Thanks angel. Ive followed your blog a few times, and have never been disappointed with the result. Therefore I have huge confidence in this one too. Will definitely try it tonight. Vivian

    1. Vivian,

      Thanks for your encouragement.

      I have a reader who has been making this bread almost on a daily basis, so I guess this is really quit good.

      Do let me know the verdict after trying. :)

      Happy baking!

  13. Hi angel, finally tried this bread. I could find cake flour in the market, so I substituted with a combination of plain flour with a little bit of corn flour. Result is fantastic! This will definitely be made on a regular basis. I took the bread out from BM 15 mins before the preset time, still found the outside is a bit burnt...guess its because of the amount of sugar that I put in. Next time will try to take it out 20 mins prior.Vivian

    1. Vivian,

      Glad to hear that you like this bread.

      It's perfectly fine to substitute cake flour with plain flour in this recipe. Sometimes I also do that.

      The timing of taking out the bread is just a reference as different BM performs differently. You should observe the bread crust. Once you notice the crust has turn golden brown and when touch the bread will bounce back then you can stop the program and remove the bread from BM.

      Happy baking!


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