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Back To Basic ~ Everyday Bread by Bread Machine (Recommended)




Basic White Toast 基本白土司

A simple white toast made from very basic ingredients, it just tasted like the white toast sold in traditional kopitiam (coffee shop). This recipe is definitely a keeper for me

1 cup cold water
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp olive oil
3 cups bread flour (I used 2 ½ cups bread flour + ½ cup plain flour)
1 tsp instant yeast

By bread machine
1) Place ingredients in the bread pan according to the above sequence (salt and sugar at opposite of the pan)(make an indention at the centre of the flour and add in yeast).
2) Select 'Basic' program, 'Light' colour (select 'Medium' colour if you prefer crispier and thicker crust), '700g' (smaller size), press 'Start/Stop' button to start the program.
3) When done, remove bread from bread pan and cool on wire rack.

I made this bread one month ago, ever since my first attempt this has become my regular recipe. I have used this recipe to make breads with some variations, such as replacing part of the bread flour with wholemeal flour, using milk instead of water, etc.

(Recipe reference:


  1. Is it possible to make it 100% wholemeal?

  2. 这样的面包, 我最爱吃!!

  3. Hi tracieMoo,

    If you use 100% wholemeal flour the bread will be small and dense. Normally for wholemeal bread. bread flour is added.

    I tried using 50% bread flour and 50% wholemeal flour, the result wasn't good, it's too heavy and dense for my liking (I think most Asian still prefer soft bread). I use this recipe and use about 15-20% wholemeal flour, the verdict is good.

    I will share this in the upcoming post.

  4. Hi Sock Peng,


  5. Juz wondering which brand of bread making machine that u bought?? I think of buying from Cosway one...but dunno is good or not. As both me n hubby n my boy are bread lover. Every week sure will hav bread for our bfst.

  6. Hi MeRy,

    I am using Carrefour housebrand - Bluesky. I am not sure if it is available in Malaysia. I checked Carrefour in JB, it is not available.

    You may see my post about the bread machine here.

  7. Hi, happen to see your blog. I'm a baking lover too, but still new in baking & so happy to see so many recipe here :)
    just wonder your 1 cup is same as how many ml? or how big is your cup? and do you know the method if I'm using normal oven to bake?

  8. Hi samm,

    Thanks for visiting my site.

    The cup I use is 240ml. For baking with oven and knead by hand, you may refer to the steps here.

    (when you roll up it's without any filling for this bread)

  9. Hai Angel, I tried this recipe yesterday. I used my Amway BreadMaker to bake. The result is quite disappointing. The bread is hard and small. It doesnt have the soft texture like yours. I used 400g High Pro Flr and rest are as per your instruction. Is 1 tsp yeast enough for that amt of flour. Waiting for your kind advice before I try again. TQ

  10. Pushpa Soh,

    I am sorry to hear that....I have tried this recipe many times, 1 tsp of instant yeast is enough.

    If you follow the recipe closely, I can't think of anything else except the instant yeast that you used may be already 'dead'. You may try to do a yeast test (I am not going to explain how the test work here, u can easily google for it).

    If not, try to use a new pack of instant yeast.

    The brand I usually use is this -

    You mentioned you used 400g of high protein flour, I am not sure if 400g = 3 cups. I suggest you follow the recipe by using cup to measure.

    Don't give up. Good luck to your next attempt. Let me know the outcome! :-)

  11. Kong Hi Fatt Chai. Thanks for your kind reply. I will try again and will let you know.

  12. Hi, Angel


  13. Gigi,



  14. Hi, Angel


  15. Hi, Angel

    I know what brand and How much u buy from suntec city liao.
    Last time I buy one from suntec city also, it was white colour.
    大约用了不到半年就坏了。。。 :(

  16. Hi, Angel

    你所谓的“冷却到90%后“ 是放进冰箱吗?

  17. Hi gigi


    很便宜而已,so far so good.


  18. Gigi,


  19. Hi Angel,

    Thank you for sharing info on Basic White Toast.

    I just recently started learn to use bread maker to make breads.

    May I know you stated here one cup of water is how many ml?

    And for the bread flour, your one cup is how many grams?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Hi Tom,

      The measuring cup used in my blog is all US standard, i.e it is 240ml/cup unless otherwise stated.

      One cup of bread flour is about 140g (unsifted).


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