Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Azuki (Red Bean) Paste 日本红豆馅

Bought from Daiso - SGD2.00
I finished the whole can in 3 sessions. Used it to make matcha red bean muffin, matcha red bean sponge cake and matcha red bean loaf.
Red bean and matcha is always a perfect match!


  1. 可以用在abc ( ice kacang) ??

  2. 当然可以,这是个好主意,不过罐头的红豆馅蛮甜点,所以下其他甜酱时要注意。

  3. Didn't realise that Daiso got sell this...

  4. Hi Sharon,

    I bought it at IMM branch, not sure if other branch sell this.

    U can find this at the canned food session. :)

    I also saw red bean paste (红豆沙)at another rack, I am thinking to buy and try.


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