Sunday, April 26, 2009

Japanese Curry Roux 日本咖哩块

100g - about SGD3.90 (for serving of 5~6)

This is available in major supermarket. I bought mine from NTUC. There are two versions, 'Hot' and 'Mild'. I chose the 'Hot' one.

It is really convenient to use. I wonder when our local style curry premix sauce can be transformed into cube form.


  1. 哎呀!!看来我猜错了

  2. We prefer the House Vermont Curry. The one with apple and curry. :)

  3. Hi Sock Peng,

    Haha, look like choc bar right? That is the reason why I ask u guys to guess loh.

    Hi WokkingMum,

    I saw House Vermont Curry too, the one with apple & honey caught my attention but I thought for a start I wanted to try a more traditional taste.

    I read from magazine that S&B Golden Curry is one of the most common brand of curry roux in Japan.

  4. hi.. Angela... its me.... I use the mild type... always cooking this at least twice or thrice a month... my hubby love this very much.... my student who tried this Jap curry also love the taste... I started eating this many years ago.... maybe about 8 yrs already.

  5. Hi Pauline,

    Thanks for leaving comment on my new blog.

    At first I wonder who you are (coz there is no URL added)...I know u better as Gen's mum. haha.

    Btw, did u try other brand? Any review? My blog friend Wokkingmum recommends House Vermont Curry.


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