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Coconut Pandan Cotton Cake 椰香班兰棉花蛋糕








这就是我用的Kaya,这个牌子的Kaya是D推荐的。他常买来涂面包吃,400g 大约SGD2.50。



Coconut Pandan Cotton Cake 椰香班兰棉花蛋糕

4 eggs (room temperature)
80g sugar
1 tbsp kaya
¾ tbsp ovalette (aka sponge cake emulsifier or SP)
1 tsp pandan paste
100g cake flour (sifted)
½ tsp baking powder (sifted)

3 tbsp evaporated milk (you may use coconut milk for richer taste)
3 tbsp canola oil
Coconut cream powder

1) Beat sugar, kaya and ovalette in (A) till well mixed (less than 1 min).
2) Add the rest of ingredients in (A) and beat at high speed till ribbon stage (mixture should be thick and fluffy)(it takes my small mixer about 7–8 mins).
3) Add (B) and mix till well blended at low speed (should take only a few seconds. Do not over mix).
4) Scoop batter into baking paper cup till ¾ full and sprinkle some coconut cream powder on top.
5) Bake in preheat oven at 190C for about 15–20 mins or till a toothpick inserted comes out clean. Cool on wire rack.

1) The small cups were done in 15mins whereas the big cups were done in 20mins. I lowered the temp to 180C when the cake surface started browning.
2) If you use a big mould, bake at 180C for longer time till a toothpick inserted and comes out clean. Do monitor and lower the temp if you find the cake is browning too fast.


  1. 你用的kaya 会不会比较甜??

  2. Hi Sock Peng,


  3. How's the kaya, i saw this brand b4, but have not tried b4...

  4. Hi Sharon,

    As a commercial grade, I find that this kaya is indeed quite nice, not overly sweet and can taste the coconut aroma. Moreover it's cheap.

    There is Pandan flavour as well but I never try b4.

  5. Hi Anncoo,

    Let me know the verdict after trying yah.

  6. Hi Angel,
    Can you please help me clarify a silly question? I'm sorry! Does "100g cake flour (sifted)" mean that the measurement (100g) is before or after sifting? Thanks.

  7. Hi Janice,

    No question is silly question. :)

    Actually I am not so precise, I just weigh 100g then sift the flour. If you have a digital scale you can weigh again after sifted.

    For this recipe even if u use slightly more or lesser flour nothing will happen. More flour the cake will be more firm, if lesser flour the cake will be more 'wet'. I experiment before using lesser flour but to me I think 100g is just nice. :-)

  8. Thanks for your prompt reply! I will try this recipe soon =]

  9. Hi Janice,

    You are welcome!

    Let me know the verdict after trying. :-)

  10. Hi Angel,
    I attempted the recipe today and my family really loved it, it was so soft and tasty! But I don't think I mixed the oil into the batter well enough (I was afraid of overmixing) because when I peeled off the baking paper, I saw droplets of oil on it and the cake gave a 'spongy' sound when I pinched it (like the sound of pressing a wet sponge), is that normal?
    Aside from that, it tasted nice, thank you for sharing your recipe!:)
    Here's how the cakes turned out:

  11. Hi Janice,

    I saw ur cup cakes, they look very soft and spongy. Good job!

    My cake doesn't have droplets of oil as you mentioned, I think you got to mix well. Make sure the oil is incorporated with the batter. So long as you beat to the right stage (i.e ribbon stage) the cake won't just sink because of mixing. When mixing use folding method, from bottom to top, I think this should be fine. :-)

  12. Hai ANgel

    I made this sooooooo soft n trully cottony ^^, my little nephew grab all n keep it for their breakfast tomorrow, they really love it, thx alot for yours great recipe :D

  13. Hi chuany,

    Saw ur cup cake, they really look cottony. Well done!

  14. Hi Angel,

    May i use d chiffon cake mould to bake this cake? FYI, I hv a 4" chiffon cake mould.

  15. Hi Ay Choo,

    You can use chffon cake mould to bake this cake but note that this cake is very soft and cottony, it may need extra care when unmoulding.

    4" is very small, I doubt it's big enough for this cake. You may need a bigger mould.

    Also note that if baking as whole cake you also need to oven temp and baking time accordingly (lower temp and longer baking time).

  16. Hi Angel,

    Thanks very much for ur reply.

    Since i m a beginner i better follow ur recipe exactly.

  17. Hi Angel,

    Thanks for ur prompt reply.

    Since i m a beginner, i will follow ur recipe exactly.

  18. 超喜欢班兰蛋糕了。你的看起来比威风蛋糕还要松软耶! 哇~流口水了

  19. CarinE,


  20. Hi Angel
    Please tell me what the kaya is
    Is it easy to find in the US super market
    Thanks for your reply

  21. Hi Maria,

    Kaya is jam make of coconut milk and egg.

    I am sorry I am not sure it is sold in US supermarket. Perhaps you may find it in some Asian market.

  22. Hi Angel,

    I try to bake the cake but fail to reach d desire quality. My mixture did not turn thick & fluffy....I hv even cut down d quantity of egg to 3 instead of 4 & d mixture turned out to be quite waterly. Do u know d reason behind???

  23. Ah Choo,

    When you cut down the no. of egg did you cut down other ingredients proportionately as well? If you only cut down egg then the recipe ratio is wrong, your cake won't be sucessful. If you follow the recipe and your batter is runny, then probably you have not beaten the egg enough. You must beat till ribbon stage, when you lift up the beater the batter drip slowly and form thick ribbon. And when you try to wtite a "8" on the batter, it will stay visible for a while before merging into the batter.

  24. I tried this receipe twice and failed. Your step (2) Add the rest of ingredients in (A) and beat at high speed till ribbon stage (mixture should be thick and fluffy. It is not possible to get this stage especially when flour and eggs are added together. can u confirm these steps as I wish to try the third time.Thanks.

  25. Anonymous,


    Did you use ovalette (aka sponge cake emulsifier or SP) ? If you are using confirm can do. If not, then it may be cannot.

    If you are not using SP, you got to change to step. Beat egg and sugar till ribbon stage first, follow by adding kaya, flour, milk then oil.

  26. Hi Angel, Thank you for your reply. I will try again.


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