Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back For Good & Happy New Year

I am back from my long weekend since Christmas Eve. I had 5-1/2 days of rest day in total.

Though this year I did not have any overseas tour, I still enjoyed my holidays. I had some quality time with my loved ones and my mind was totally relaxed.

I also managed to do some baking. I baked 3 chocalate cakes to give away to my good friends and a colleague who is leaving the company.

I also baked a fruitcake for D. It tasted even better than my last attempt, maybe because I soaked the mixed fruits for longer time. D liked it a lot, I was happy about it.

Lastly I baked a batch of butter cookies, my first attempt actually. It was a rather simple yet yummy recipe. I will post the pictures and recipe soon.

Here sharing some photos taken on Christmas day.

Chili Padi


Spring onion

Aloe vera

Dragon fruit tree with flower

Another dragon fruit tree

Passion fruit

Custard apple

Pineapple in a pot

Pineapple plants

Hope you enjoy viewing the photos.

At the end of this post,
I wish all my blog pals and readers have a HaPPy and ProsPrEous 2010!


  1. 圣诞节那一天


  2. Sock Peng,



  3. Happy New Year to u and your family...

    Your 叔叔 planted quite a lot of things ya...

  4. Hi Angel,
    It's so nice to be in the countryside, surrounded by the beautiful orchard and the flowers! I saw custard apple! It must be really nice! I only came to know custard apple when my colleague bought it and share with us.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    Happy new year to you!

  5. Hi Jane,

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

    (I didn't know the fruit is called custard apple, thanks for sharing.)

  6. Hi Angel, Happy New Year and wish you healthy, happiness and a cute baby in 2010. :)

  7. Great to hear you're relaxing on a long holiday.. Are these plants yours? Gosh.. I'm so envious of those who plants their own fruits!! I love the passion fruit and dragon fruit.. How nice to pick fresh fruits to eat :)

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  8. SSB,

    Happy new year to you too!! I wish to see more blog post from you in yeae 2010.

  9. tracieMoo,

    Photos are taken at my uncle's house. I also wish I can have my own garden but it's simply not possible to own such a big space in Singapore even if I strike Toto. Haha.


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