Monday, June 7, 2021

Purple Sweet Potato Soya Milk Cranberry Bread 紫薯豆奶蔓越莓面包



Purple Sweet Potato Soya Milk Cranberry Bread

300g bread flour 高粉
100g mashed purple sweet potato 紫薯泥
180-190g soya milk 豆奶
30g sugar 糖
1/2 tsp salt 盐
1 tsp instant yeast 速发酵母
30g unsalted butter 无盐牛油
50g dried cranberry 蔓越莓干**
*Straight dough method 直接后油法
*180C 20-22 mins 
**Pre-soak until soft (about 15-30 minutes) and pat dry. 预先泡软后(大概15-30分钟) 抹干。


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