Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Grilled Marmite Chicken Wings (Using Happycall Pan) 香煎妈蜜鸡翼


I notice more and more people around me including friends and colleagues are catching the craze of Happycall pan.

I particularly like to use this kitchen gadget for grilling, ever since I owned the Happycall pan I hardly use oven for grilling, this pan make grilling fast and easy.

Chicken wing is our all times favourite. This is another grilled chicken wings dish that I created other than our usual Char Siew chicken wings, Teriyaki chicken wings and 4321 chicken wings.

Grilled Marmite Chicken Wings (Using Happycall Pan)

6 chicken wings or 12 mid-joint wing
1 tbsp Marmite
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp dark soy sauce (for colouring)

1) Wash and pat dry chicken wings. Marinate with all seasonings and minced garlic for at least one hour, best is to marinate overnight.
2) Arrange chicken wings (without the marinade) in Happycall pan, close with magnet locked. Cook for 1 min over medium low heat, flip the wings manually and cook for another 1 min with magnet locked.
3) Add some marinade on chicken wings, with pan opened, let it caramelize before adding the balance bit by bit. Flip the chicken wings manually in between. Repeat the same until all marinade is finished.


  1. Your grilled wings look very tempting! Looks great! Shall try one day.

  2. 我喜欢用妈蜜来拌粥,用来入菜则没试过,担心我家老爷接受不来。。呵呵

  3. looking at eveyrone use the happycall pan is making me jealous! i love marmite chicken in restaurants and urs look so good!

  4. Your grilled chicken wings look absolutely delicious!

  5. Are you using 5cm HAPPYCALL PAN? ^ ^
    Looking forward for more of your happycall sharing

  6. hanushi,
    Thank you.

    Vivian Pang,
    You also own Happycall pan? Give it a try. This is quite nice.


    Considering getting yourself one?

    Thank you for your nice words.

    I am using the deeper version called Ocher deeper pan. You may refer here for the photo.

  7. My chicken wings end up overcooked on the outside & slightly undercooked on the inside, even when using the smallest fire. With Happycall. Do you experience that? If not, any idea how to overcome this? If I cook with smallest fire all the way, the meat is tough then...


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