Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick Meal For My Little One ~ Cheesy Baby Pasta

Today I am going to introduce a quick meal I prepare for Lucius, cheesy baby pasta. Unlike porridge which usually take longer time to cook, you can have this meal ready in less than 15 minutes.

I have taken some step-by-step photos during the food preparation. You can have different variety in terms of the veggie and meat used.

The ingredients used for the day of photo taking were broccoli and fish.

Here is what gone into one meal for a 15-month boy

2 tbsp baby pasta
2 floret of broccoli (pre-soak in water and cut into small florets)
1 small piece of fish (make sure it is boneless and cut into small cubes)
½ slice cheddar cheese (or any kind of cheese of your choice)

Cook pasta in adequate water. When pasta is half cooked, add in broccoli.

Cook until broccoli is soft, drain and keep little pasta water in the pot. Add in fish.

When fish is cooked (very soon), add cheese, cook at low heat and keep stirring till cheese is melted. At the same time I also use the back of the spoon to lightly mash the fish.

Tada! Delicious and nutritious meal is done for your little one. Lucius likes it a lot, he often wipes up everything whenever I cook this.

When cooking pasta for adults I always aim to cook the pasta till al dente but for older infant/young toddler, I prefer to overcook the pasta slightly so that it is easier for the little one to digest.

(Note: I only cook this dish for Lucius after he turned one.)


  1. Seeing your post reminded me so much of my kids when they were tiny. Keep it up.

  2. 怎么办.....我想和你儿子抢吃咧:$

  3. Tasty baby food! Nice!
    Thanks for sharing^^

  4. Yes, this is definitely good for small kids.

  5. is very attactive after add ons cheese .... :)

  6. 有营养又简单,难怪 Lucius 白白胖胖又“言道”。。。 ^_^

  7. Hi Angel,

    It is the 2nd recipe from you that I tried. My 20 months baby and 4 years plus daugther like it so much. I subtituted the fish with ham and brocolli with courgette.
    Thanks a lot.

    Mina Zhang from Belgium

  8. neyeeloh,

    I am realy glad to hear that your kids like this simple meal. I have never thought of sharing my baby food here but when I was preparing this I thought why not share with my fellow readers and blog pals as this is really fast, easy and yummy.

  9. Hihi Angel,

    which brand of baby pasta did u buy ? i want to get this for my bb girl. she is 15 mths old now

  10. Hi Jessica,

    The baby pasta used here is from Heinz. I have included a photo of it.

    You can also try Orgran Rice & Vegetable Farm Animal Pasta. I would like to try this brand after finishing Heinz.


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