Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Easy Cabbage & Ham Egg Pancake (Step-by-Step Photos) 高丽菜火腿蛋饼轻松做 (附步骤图)

I have been slow in updating my blog lately as I was tied up with other commitment.

Next week I will be sending Lucius to infant care centre, I believe I will have a hectic week and there will be lots of new challenges awaiting me. Wish me good luck.

I made this “Cabbage & Ham Egg Pancake” with frozen prata some times ago for lunch on a weekday when D and I were both at home. I didn’t create this intentionally, it just that we were tired of tabao (takeaway) food and we didn’t want any instant noodles for lunch. So I created this with handy ingredients I could find in my fridge.

You may create your own version of egg pancake using seafood, mixed veggies…etc.

Let’s see the simple ingredients and steps below.

3 frozen prata (I used Fairprice house brand which is smaller and thinner)
¼ - 1/3 cabbage (cut into strips)
2pcs ham (cut into strips)(I used black pepper chicken ham)
1 egg
1 tbsp light soy sauce
Pinch of pepper
Little oil/butter/margarine for frying

¼ - 1/3 个高丽菜/包菜(切条状)

Mix all ingredients (except frozen prata) and set aside. The mixture should be quite “dry”, add more cabbage if you still can see the beaten egg.

Brush a thin layer of oil/butter/margarine on a non-sticky pan (this just need to be done once for the first pancake), add frozen prata (do not thaw) and pan-fry over low heat till semi transparent.

Add cabbage mixture on top.

Using a turner to push any extra beaten egg onto the prata.

Pan-fry over low heat until the side of the prata puffs up.

Turn over and press with a turner.

Pan-fry till the cabbage is cooked (depends on individual preference. I prefer soft cabbage, thus, I fried for longer time).

Serve hot. You may have it plain or eat with your preferred sauce. I served with chili sauce.


  1. hmm...yummy yummy!!! when free i want try to cook 1 also :) thanks for sharing :)

  2. what an innovative way to jazz up a roti paratha

  3. frozen roti pratha always comes in handy. There was once I pan fry the pratha, top with nuggets, peri peri sauce, raw cabbage and roll it like a poh piah.. yummy!

  4. I've not tried adding cabbage but egg, ham and cheese yes.

    Btw, why do i keep thinking you are in Malaysia? Sorry about that.

  5. looks nice。
    it would be better if you shred the cabbage.

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  7. the pizza looks good angel! and i wish you all the luck you need!

  8. 这款我也可以试作也。

  9. What a creative way to eat prata... yum yum... ^_^

  10. Hi all,
    Thanks for your lovely comment.

    Swee San,
    Ur "poh pian" prata sounds very delicious, I'd like to give it a try. :-)

    Blessed Homemaker,
    Can't go wrong with this perfect combination = egg, ham and cheese are great combination, I am drooling now.



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