Sunday, November 14, 2010

零油烟之完全电饭锅“砂煲”鸡饭加青菜(附步骤图)Rice Cooker “Claypot” Chicken Rice and Vegetables (Step-by-Step Photos)

这就是结婚三周年纪念日的“零油烟”晚餐 – 完全电饭锅“砂煲”鸡饭加青菜。




For serving of two
Boneless chicken leg/drumstick (+/-150g) cut into pieces, 6 dried shiitake mushroom (soak till soft) cut into half, marinate with 1 tbsp oyster sauce, ½ tbsp sweet soy sauce, ½ tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tbsp Chinese cooking wine, ½ tsp sesame oil, pinch of white pepper and little grated ginger for at least an hour.
One Chinese sausage, blanches with boiling water for 2 times, remove skin, slice and set aside.


2 small cups of rice, cook rice as usual but reduce 10-20% of water amount (D prefers slightly
soggy rice, so I only reduce 10% of water, i.e. fill up 90% of the measuring cup) and add ½ tsp no added MSG chicken stock granules (may replace with chicken stock or water plus ¼ tsp salt). When the water is almost dried up (should be drier than the picture shown), add marinated chicken and mushroom.


Arrange sliced Chinese sausage on top.

饭锅跳到“Keep Warm”后,加入青菜(要用盘垫底,不然水份会流到饭里头)。继续“Keep Warm”,约10-15分钟或是青菜熟后,把菜拿出来。

Once rice cooker turns to “Keep Warm”, add vegetables with a plate, continue to “Keep Warm” for about 10-15 minutes or until the vegetables is cooked, remove vegetables from rice cooker.


This is cooked rice. Chicken should be cooked now.

关电, 加入几滴黑酱油拌均。盖上锅盖,继续焖十五分钟或更久以减少湿气。

Switch off power, add a few drops of dark soy sauce and mix well. Cover with lid for about 15 minutes or longer time to reduce the moisture.

上桌享用。我喜欢配着妈妈做的sambal belacan吃,如果家里没有,我就切点小辣椒加点酱油和酸柑汁来配着吃,很开胃。

Dish up and enjoy. I like to eat with mum’s home-made sambal belacan. If it is not available, I will serve with chili padi mixed with light soy sauce and lime juice, very appetizing.


  1. 潜水中。。哇!!看到充满爱心的美味一餐!!Angel's 老公真幸福!!^^

  2. 這煮法我也嘗試過,簡易也比較健康,味道也不過錯^^

  3. Great flavors and ingredients. Looks yummy!

  4. WOW! Really delicious and simple cooking :)

  5. I was craving for this days ago now you have made everything looks easy and manageable for me .how can I give it a miss then ;)

  6. 这个好像不难, 我要学起来, 你做得好好吃的样子!

  7. Look nice..shall try this, this is certainly easier than what i always did...=)

  8. Hi all, thanks for your good words.

    Vernice, 谢谢你浮出水面给我留言, 让我也有机会到你家拜访。你的这对话给我老公看就好了。

    Jessiew, I call this "lazy" meal. You must try it out on ur lazy day haha.

    Min, 这个不用学,只要会煮饭就算会了。记得水量要自己拿捏。

  9. Mun, I acutally cut down the process. My mom's method is to fry the chicken first. Do try it out! :)


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