Friday, January 1, 2010

Butter Cookies 牛油饼干

This is a very simple recipe yet the result is fabulous.

The cookies tasted almost like the blue colour tin Danish butter cookies. Not only I think so, my colleagues who tasted it also said so.

I suggest using good quality butter for this recipe. I used Golden Churn this time. I think may be next time I should try using Lurpak, the taste may be even better.

I strongly recommend this recipe especially for beginner. Not only the recipe is simple, the dough is very easy to handle too. Just need to watch out the oven temperature and baking time.

Ingredients 材料:
250g butter 牛油
100g castor sugar 细砂糖 (I cut down to 90g)
1 egg yolk 蛋黄
¼ tsp vanilla oil 香草油 (I replaced by ½ tsp vanilla extract)
350g plain flour (sifted) 普通面粉 (混合过筛)
30g custard powder 蛋黄粉

Method 做法:

1) Cream butter and castor sugar till light and fluffy. 把牛油和细砂糖,放入搅拌钢内先用低速度打均,然后用中速度打至松发。

2) Add egg yolk and vanilla oil, mix well.

3) Fold in the sifted flour (plain flour & custard powder) and mix into a soft dough.

4) Form into ball, press lightly with a fork and sprinkle some sugar on top.
取一些粉团, 用手搓成圆形, 用叉子稍微压扁形成纹路,并在饼面上晒一些糖。

5) Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for about 20 mins till golden brown. Remove , leave to cool before storing.**
** I bake at 170°C for about 10 - 12 mins.
** 我用170 °C烤约10 - 12分钟。

1)In step 4, I measure each small ball with a measuring spoon, each cookie is ½ tbsp. Yield 139 cookies.
2) Besides sprinkle sugar on top, you can have other variations using the same cookie dough. I added chopped cherries and orange peels on some of the cookies. I also tried to wrap some chocolate chips with the cookie dough.

(Recipe reference: 我的厨房笔记)


  1. I'll have to agree with you that butter cookies are simple and the yummiest! You made them look so adorable :)
    Tell me which butter is better when you try them ok? I want to make this too :)
    Happy New Year to you, Angel!

  2. i seldom bake cookies. a little jittery in handling the dough. the last few times i did it, the dough crack when i roll them out (was trying to make cute cookie ones).

    will try out your recipe (soon) as my girls love butter cookies!

    thanks for sharing!.

  3. can i take away??
    yummy cookies, i like the one with cherries...

  4. tracieMoo,

    Thanks for ur lovely comment.

    I think the butter I used (Golden Churn) is good enough. I will try using Lurpak when it's on sales. Haha. It's expesive.

    Happy new year!

  5. celine,

    U may try this recipe as it's really very easy. I am not sure if the dough is suitable to make the cut out type of cookie but I think u still can create cute-looking cookie by simply shaping the dough. I shall try doing that next time too.

  6. Sheeleen,

    Sure....I like the one with sugar on top most. :-)

    Happy new year!

  7. Looks perfect, especially for kids :)

  8. Anncoo,

    Thanks you for ur comment but I think this cookie is quite fattening.

  9. These cookies are chewable!!
    see you

  10. You really a kind mommy, always share good recipe to the beginner in baking like me, hehe:-)

    For me, I do not like too buttery cookies (I am not a big fan of Blue Dannish biscuits too), so do you think I still can try this recipe?

  11. Joanne,

    U may start to like butter cookies after trying to make ur own. :-)

    If u dun like too buttery taste, maybe u can use 'cheaper' butter such as Buttercup.

  12. Is it? Ok ok, then I must try to bake this cookies.

  13. Joanne,

    Just my suggestion, you may try to bake some for CNY. :-) Hope you will like it.

  14. Hi there, I tried your recipe today and it is really really really good!!! I will be making more next week~ Thanks so much for sharing! =D

  15. Serene,

    You are welcome! Personally I also like this recipe very much.

  16. HiHi! Made this butter cookies yesterday. They were great! It really does taste like the "Danish Butter Cookies" especially with some sugar sparkled on top! love them! Shall bake it again with some chocolate chips! Thanks for the recipe!

  17. Mseminence,

    Glad that you like it.

    I miss these cookies a lot, have bought a pack of course sugar (for sprinking on top), hope I can spare some times to bake this (my to-bake list is long given my very limited free time for baking).

    Happy CNY to you!

  18. Hi! Would like to check if this recipe can be halved? And can the dough be freezed for future use?


  19. Hi Winnie,

    Sure, you can halve the recipe, just divide everything by 2.

    I have never freezed any biscuit dough before though I have read about it. So I am sorry that I can't give you advice in this aspect.

  20. Hi I do not have custard power. Can replace with corn or other flour?

  21. Hi JJMUM,

    Yes. You can replace custurd powder with cornflour.

  22. hi,
    i came across your blog, u have such a beautiful blog and great recipes, i would like to know whether this butter cookies, can i use cookies press instead of hand rolling. thanks


  23. Hi Bae,

    Thanks for your compliment.

    The cookie dough is quite soft, thus, I don't recommend to use cookie press for this recipe. It may be difficult to handle.

  24. Hi Angel,
    Thanks for sharing this fabulous recipe. I've tried it out yesterday. Not only they are easy to make, the cookies taste yummy too. It is versatile as well. I've topped the cookie with almond flake. : )

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Please leave your name next time so that I know how to address you.

      I am glad that your cookies turn out well.

      Topping with almond flakes sounds like a good idea.


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