Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One-Week Old Lucius Boy

Lucius turned one-week old on 4th March 2010.
Some actions.

More actions.


Fall into sleep.

Sound sleep. :)


  1. He is very beutiful! Well Done to you!
    Hope he didn't take too long to be born! (Am bit scared of that bit!)

  2. he looks so good, i love to see his "oval" shaped face. shd be good looking as he has "girlish" face.. and ppl believe that if bb boy like this, next one will be a girl.. 加油 ! haha..

  3. J Sky,

    It is my wish to have a pair of 好。

  4. PlumLeaf,

    Thank u for ur nice words...hmmm my labour is actually quite long, when I have time I will blog abt it.

  5. Sharon,

    Time flies, Lucius is going to be one month old soon!


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