Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Full Month Lucius

Time flies, Lucius is one month old today. Happy Full Month to you, my darling boy.

As time passes, I feel that I am getting more and more attached to Lucius boy. 妈咪每天爱你多一些。

We held Lucius's baby shower last Sunday, 21st March 2010. Only managed to take a few photos that day as I was busy mingling around friends and relatives.

Lucius's full month package for relatives

I would like to thank all friends and relatives for their precious time to attend Lucius's baby shower and their generous gift and well wishes.

Besides, I would also like to express my appreciation to Pauline, a blog friend of mine who had offered to bake something for Lucius's baby shower.

Pauline had prepared not one, not two, not three but FOUR items for Lucius.

Let's see her masterpiece.

Butter cookies decrorated with fondant. The "rompers" are simply lovely.

Twinkle twinkle little stars.......these are kid's favourite.

Nicely decrorated blueberry cupcake. They are beautiful and tasted great as well.

Chocolate cupcake filled with delicious yet non-fattening chocolate cream. The cupcake is very soft and chocolaty.

This is the killer, 3-layer chocolate chessecake in a cup. The bottom is chocolate sponge cake, center is home-made chocalate cookies and on top is chilled cheesecake.

All items were very well received by my guests. I only managed to have one each, all were gone before I could grab for second piece.

Pauline is a homebaker who is very passionate about baking. You may view her other creations or order from her via her blog HERE.

(Lucius's photos taken by Joanne's camera)


  1. Happy Full Month to Lucius!真的好快,一个月了。祝Lucius快高长大,Lucius妈妈一天比一天开心。

  2. WOW! Those biscuits look amazing! I like your Full-Month package for your guests too. I'm so sad that they don't do that here in UK. I think it's a lovely idea.

    Happy Full Month Lucius! May you grow strong and healthy!

  3. Oh, the cookies made by Pauline, i thought it's made by u... kakaka...

    The cupcake is very yummy...

    Happy Full Month to Lucias...

  4. Wouw Time flies very fast! Now, your boy already one month age. :)
    Happy Full month to Lucius ...
    All cookies & cupcakes looks really pretty & delicious.

  5. hi... Angela..its me Pauline... thanks for your compliments and recommendation in yr blog... I seldom take order... during exam period is tough too... on and off took order from friends or sis friends and colleague. also send as gift for friends, cousins, niece and nephew birthday. Will try to sell to your friends or online pals if time permit.

    I have an archive for all my bakes and not made known to you yet... perhaps also never thought of it... its a photos collection of all my bakes. you can view from

    cheers... congrat... Lucius is so handsome.

  6. Hi, first time here.. I dropped by from Sharon's blog. Congrats on your baby's full moon. Lucius is cute and handsome =)

  7. Pauline,

    Once, thanks again for your bake. Good stuff must share with more ppl yah.

  8. Serene,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy my other blog post.


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