Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BB's Ultrasound Scan on 16 Weeks 宝宝16周扫描



BB's length at 16 weeks: 9cm (measured when BB's body was bending)


BB's heartbeat at 16 weeks: 148bpm


  1. congrat... I remembered when I was pregnant... my hubby do not allow me to bake as much... then I started sewing maternity clothes for myself... in all I sewn one for chinese new yr and some for home use...

    my pregnancy was smooth without any vomitting... only slight stomach discomfort... hope yours is a beautiful pregnancy too...yours is after chinese new yr or within that period isn't it...? congrat once again

  2. 哗,怀孕四个月了也。有没有nausea呢?

  3. 好羡慕。。你可以及时把这个画面留下。。。要好好珍惜! 4个月,应该过了辛苦期了吧?

  4. Congrat.. Yes it's a wonderful feeling having a small life inside u. My youngest is also almost 4 months old already..

  5. 怎么不是从1个月开始写??

  6. Pauline,

    Thank you. :)

    My EDD is in Feb, during CNY period. I have morning sickness, it becomes better now but still have nausea and bloated stomach sometimes. U are the lucky one without all these symptoms.

    My hb didn't stop me from baking but I was too tired to do so....I only baked once since pregannt, that is ur choc chips cookies hehe.

  7. J Sky, 恩轩至佳,


  8. Li Shan,

    I agree with you and I think it's amazing. hehe.

  9. Sock Peng,


  10. little prince's mummy,


  11. Congratulations to you Angela. It is such a great news.

    Your bb showed you a very clear pic in the scan. Last time my girl always move or bending her body, so can't see her clearly.

    Your EDD is during CNY? Managed to find a confiment lady?

  12. Mmmm... though I do not have any bad situation during my pregnancy, my last month before my girl came out wasn't easy either...she was sitting on my pelvic... climbing the stairs or walking down the stairs are extremely painful... my girl also decide to be born 3 weeks early... because of that it disrupted my work schedule ...and in the end I started work on 3rd week of my confinement. My girl was slightly jaudice and had to stay in hospital for 10days... she was born really small only at doctor said its still normal not premature... I was worried thinking bad but soon there;s also alot of other complication because she is born small.

    Well, so far so good..she's now 8 yrs already ...very healthy and strong... thank goodness WE, took time and patient... I cannot forget the midnights where we are in hospital and midnights washing her vomits...its all over

    since you are new... always ask for advise from the old and in any emergency and not help... that's my advise. this is only when you have a difficult baby to look after like me... that's why WE only have one.... my spouse said he's not going through an nightmare again... so you can imagine how he survivie through the initial 15 months...

    not trying to scare you... its our experience only... and not a usual one for any couple...not to panic... being a mother is still a very meaning and beautiful production

  13. Hi Joanne,

    Thank you.

    Sarah must be a very active girl. :)

    My EDD is during CNY period. My mother will be doing the confinement for me. :)

  14. Hi Pauline,

    Thanks for sharing so much with me.

  15. Hi Sharon,

    My due date is in Feb next year, during CNY period.

  16. Oh yes...Sarah "was" and even "is" an active girl. She has a very strong legs since bb till now. So can you imagine her "kung fu" kicks inside my tummy last time..hehe.

    Anyway, it is very good that your mommy will be your confinement lady. Last time my mom also doing confinement for me. At least we can ask for extra help plus some "manja2" from her.

  17. Joanne,

    Active is good. My last scan bb also moving non-stop. :-)

    I agree with you, if mum doing confinement we can will manja sometimes. haha.

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