Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My First Fondant Cake 翻糖初体验

Made in June 2011, my first and only fondant cake till now.

It has been buried under the backlog for 8 months and I almost forget about it if not of this month’s Aspiring Baker’s theme.

I am ashamed to post this as I think the fondant roses are rather fat and saggy but to support AB event, I change my mind. :P

I made the fondant toppers without any planning and self-study because I supposed to be guided, I meant suppose.

I actually made this cake in a baking workshop. Prior to the confirmation, I was told by the instructor that students could decide the theme of the cake and we could just let her know what we wanted to learn during the workshop. I told her I wanted to make flowers. She said no problem and even advised me to print out some pictures and bring to the workshop.

However, on that day when I showed her the fondant rose picture I was told that this was 3D design and in this workshop only 1D was taught (kidding me? 1D that means simply use the cutter to cut out the fondant). There was a lady in the workshop wanted to make a bow, her request was also being turned down by the instructor. Same reason, bow is considered 3D. I don’t think anyone will pay almost close to SGD200 to learn 1D design. Will you?

I was shocked and a bit upset that what had been conversed could be twisted. At that moment I was quite unhappy. I decided to proceed with my original plan – to make roses. I reckconed this was my way of showing my unhappiness to the instructor. As I need to complete the cake within the time frame I didn’t have time to search for tutorial from the Internet, so I just used my own imagination to come out with the three fat roses and a bee. The lady who wanted to make bow also made her own bow without any guide from the instructor. I am quite sure she shared the same sentiment as me.

This is a 7" butter cake. In the workshop we didn't do the proper crumb coat by applying a layer of buttercream, instead, we used apricot gel, it worked as well.

No doubt I didn’t learn a lot from the workshop but I couldn’t deny that it had given me a platform to get my hands on fondant because I don’t think I would be self-motivated to play with fondant on my own.

I'm submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #16: Fun with Fondant! (February 2012) hosted by Yvonne of iceamericanos.


  1. Angel,
    For a first attempt, it's really nice! I guess you must've felt "cheated" by the instructor right? Well, it's okay, nothing ventured, nothing gain! Hope this is a good start for you to venture into fondant soon!

  2. Angel, that's good for the first attempt. Same like you, I joined the fondant workshop, but after that I never do it again. I found very time consuming and my kids don't like the taste of the fondant.

  3. What? Which fondant class did you go? Must blacklist them. Even if it was only for 1D design, the instructor should not turn down student's request to learn.

    Anyway, the design is great for first timer and no guidance! :)

  4. 我还不敢碰这个

  5. Well done Angel。。。
    It‘s look cute 。。

  6. Angel,现在应该开心才对,因为有很多网友支持你,包括我在内:)

  7. the cost is close to SGD200 for a class!! I think we can learn a lot of fondant technique from online tutorials and videos. My dinosaur fondant cake also my first attempt :)

  8. 这样的咩,玩臭咧!上次去anna的翻糖课我还问她关于tiramisu的问题她也很乐意的和我们分享

  9. 哟~美美的翻糖蛋糕涅

  10. oh my gosh.. the instructor is really terrible! Empty promises and all. Anyway, it's a great first attempt, for someone who have never done it before. Like you, I have only made 1 fondant cake in my life (for my course)... I guess we have to discover the fun of it! Thanks for sharing your experience.. *shivers* must be careful to choose a credible instructor

  11. i think it's a beautiful first attempt! and thanks for sharing ur experience!

  12. Passionate About Baking,
    Thank you for your encouragement.

    I think likewise too. Guess what, we threw away the fondant after cutting the cake. Such a waste of effort and money.

    Thanks. If you really want to know, you may email me.

    还是你明智。上了课后我再淘宝拜了一大堆翻糖用具,结果原封不动在我的store room里等结蜘蛛网。

    Thank you for your nice words.


    Ah Tze,
    Your fondant dinosour is very cute. Thumb up! I tried to leave comment to you several times in that post butm y iphone failed me, don't know why.



    Thanks for your comment. I personally find that fondant cake is an art but it's too time-consuming for me.

    Thanks for your lovely comment. :)


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