Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SMRT Circle Line Makan Session with ieatishootipost

I attended a makan session hosted by my favourite food blogger, Dr. Leslie Tay from ieatisooripost last Saturday. Thanks to SMRT and Nuffnang for the invitation.

In celebration of the Circle Line network completion, SMRT is organizing Free Makan Session with famous local bloggers to discover the simplest, tastiest local delights that can be found along the SMRT Circle Line stations. The one I attended was the second session; there are four more to go. So if you are keen to be part of the subsequent makan sessions, register yourself today at

To find out more about SMRT Circle Line network and attractions around the Circle Line, please visit . Personally I love Circle Line, it really brings a lot of conveniences to my daily life by shortening my travelling time to work 20 minutes a day and I can now visit my favourite chilled out places such as Holland Village, Esplanade and Botanic Garden conveniently.

Our destination that day was Westlake, a Chinese restaurant recommended by ieatishootipost, it was within 5 minutes walk from Farrer Road mrt station (CC20).

Here are some pictures taken on that day. I will be telling you my top 3 picks of the dishes I had tasted. Oh ya, you won’t be able to see me in any of the pictures below because I still prefer to hide inside my kitchen. :P

 Exterior of the restaurant.

Interior of the restaurant, the theme is green.

 We were offered hot tea and peanuts upon arrival.

This phone belongs to Dr. Leslie, he was trying to show me his new baby – ieat hawker, an App that designed to help you find Singapore’s Best Hawker fare at the flick of a finger. Read here if you want to find out more about this App.

Dr. Leslie in action.

By the way, Dr. Leslie is very friendly, humorous and approachable. He is also very good in 搞气氛,very fast he already 打成一片with everyone.

Chee Cheong Fun


Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup

Guo Tie (fried dumplings)

This picture nice right? Dr Leslie taught us how to capture the Guo Tie. This is the best I could do with my iPhone camera. I was so regretted to leave my camera at home as I never expect Dr. Leslie is so generous to give us free food photography tutorial.

Sambal French Beans

Hot Plate Tofu

Yum Ring

 Kong Bak Pau

Kung Bao Chicken

Ngoh Hiang (Five-spice meat roll)

Dr. Leslie taught us how to make used of the lighting to capture the crispiness of the skin.

Red Bean Pancake

Dr. Leslie showing us his popular book “The End of Char Kway Teow”.

We had a Q&A session, 5 participants who got the most answers correct would win this book. Needless to say I didn’t win, else I will be showing my book here with Dr. Leslie’s autograph.

Dr. Leslie and the owner of Westlake.

Ok. Now let me tell you my top 3 picks of the day.

1. Kong Bak Pau
This is the restaurant’s signature dish, a must-have. I first came to know about Westlake Kong Bak Pau in 2006. I had it at a kiosk (with some seats) inside OG People’s Park, recommended by my colleague. It is now no longer available in OG. I would not elaborate how nice it tasted, there is a detailed review and story behind the Kong Bak Pau in ieatishootipost, go ahead and read that.

2. Kung Bao Chicken
The sauce is heavenly and the chicken bites are very tender and juicy, this is so far the best Kung Bao Chicken I had tasted.

3. Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup
Very flavourful and appetizing. The balance and “hot” and “sour” is just right. I didn’t feel thirsty at all after having it, this shows that the wonderful taste doesn’t come from MSG.

I had a wonderful afternoon with Dr. Leslie, new friends I met in the event and Nuffnang crew. I really enjoyed myself. If you ever read this, thank you very much folks!

Lastly, this is a small box of colour pencils found in the goodies bag given by SMRT. I find them cute and lovely. Don’t you think so?

Blk 4 Queen's Road #02-139
Singapore 260004
Tel: 6474 7283/ 64711 441
Fax: 6474 0668
Opening hours: 11.00am - 2.30pm / 6.00pm - 10.00pm


  1. 哎哟,很失望,原以为可以看看你的美貌 ^_^

  2. 咦~我好像有看过这医生的部落格:P

  3. Wah, really lots to eat there. Must be fun to meet him personally!

  4. Esther,


    Yes, it was a fun days with Dr. and rest of food lovers. :)

  5. 最吸引我的是最后一张照片拍摄的颜色笔

    我很幸运, 和你见面过了~~~ 哈哈!

  6. SP,

    Nice to know you.


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