Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Reason To Be Happy - Happy 101 Award

Thanks to tracieMoo and DG for passing this lovely award to me.

This is the third time tracieMoo passing me an award. Thank you very much for your support to my blog, tracieMoo. I really appreciate.

DG is a new friend I know from this blog and that's how I discover her yummy food blog - Tested and Tasted.

Here are some rules of this award:
- Having the picture of the award posted onto your blog
- Sharing the 10 things in life that make you happy with your readers
- Passing on the award to 10 other bloggers who brighten up your day. Sharing the links to the 10 bloggers', as mentioned above, on your blog
- Getting the 10 bloggers informed about the award
- Asking the 10 award recipients to relink their blogs to yours.

I will be sharing the 10 things that make me happy and delicate this award to all my fellow blog pals. I think all of you deserve it. :-) Please feel free to pick it up from here.

10 things that make me happy......

1) Thinking of my little prince though I have yet to meet him.
2) Spending quality time with D, my hubby.
3) Having my mum's home-cooked food.
4) Baking (of course).
5) Reading your comments on my blog, be it good or bad (though so far there isn't any bad one). :P
6) Meeting my good old friends and having a good chat with them.
7) Lots of sweet stuff, cakes, tarts, cookies, pastries......
8) Manage to squeeze into my size 26 skinny jeans again (if there is this day to come!)
9) A good body massage.
10) Looking good!


  1. you're welcome, Angel :)
    owh I'm sure you'll fit in ur size 26 jeans. I know it seems rather impossible NOW, but I have faith in you! Or if you don't.. hmm.. then maybe you should conveniently expect another.. hahaha.. I'm just kidding, Angel. Very excited and happy for you!! :)

  2. tracieMoo,

    Thank you so much. :-)

    (Btw, I don't have faith in myself, don't think I can wear that jeans anymore unless there is miracle. Hehe)


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