Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Help - Unable to Add New Link to Link List

Since beginning of August I am unable to add new link to the existing link list. As you know, I normally classify the new recipe posted and add it to the respective menu but I am unable to do so now. :(

I had tried to use different PC/laptop to perform this task but the same problem occurred. The message appeared at the bottom of the web browser was 'javascript:void(0)'.

I am wondering if anyone here facing the same problem?

Can anyone help? Any solution to this?

Thanks in advance.


  1. Hi Angel, i found these from Google, hope it will help! :)

    Problem Cause -> Solution
    A popup blocker blocking the JavaScript -> Disable your popup blocker
    A malfunctioning web proxy -> Disable your web proxy, if possible
    An improperly written JavaScript -> Webmaster must rewrite the JavaScript
    JavaScript is not enabled -> Enable JavaScript
    Web browser implementation of JavaScript is broken -> Switch web browsers or upgrade your web browser

  2. 问题解决了吗? sorry,我没经验,帮不上你的忙!

  3. I also don't understand what's the problem...sorry.

  4. Ah Yng,

    Thanks for your advice. I will try to figure out the solution.

  5. Anncoo,

    I am referring to the menu at the side bar, you also have that in your blog.

    After you blog about a recipe, you will add under the different category of menu right? You will go to Layout, go to the respective 'menu' and click 'Edit' then add the new URL and click 'Add Link', am I right?

    Afrer I click 'Add Link' nothing happen, the new URL is not saved. This is the problem I am facing.

  6. Normally after I paste the URL - press enter (this will keep a space -the Add Link will change to blue colour if you are using IE ) and then type in title of your recipe at new site name then click "Add Link" and save.

    Yesterday I downloaded Google Chrome.
    So now I have 3 browser: anyone of this give problem, I will switch to the other browser.

  7. Hi Anncoo,

    Thanks for giving me the idea of pressing Enter after after pasting the URL. It works!!! After I press Enter, the new link is added automatically, by default the New Name is the URL address, then I just got to click 'Edit' to change name.

    At last, my problem solved.

  8. 恩轩至佳,



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