Friday, May 14, 2021

Cocoa Raisin Bread [Recommended] 可可葡萄干面包 [推]

疫情反反复复,到底什么时候这个世界才能恢复正常? 真心希望大家能一起度过这个难关,诚如爸爸常说的“关关难过,关关过”,只要大家齐心协力,一定能战胜病毒。


Don't be deceived by the look of this bread, it is indeed very soft, moist and fluffy. The cocoa taste of the bread is not too strong, the sweetness of the bread is just nice when pairing with the raisins. The overall taste is very well balanced. If you like it sweeter, you may increase the amount of sugar slightly but I suggest not more than 40g. 

Recipe adapted from Carol自在生活 with slight changes. 

Cocoa Raisin Bread 

285g bread flour 高粉
15g cocoa powder 可可粉
200g milk 牛奶
30g sugar 糖
50g preferment 老面 (optional)
1/4 tsp salt 盐
3/4 tsp instant yeast 速发酵母
30g unsalted butter 无盐牛油
60g raisins 葡萄干**
*Straight dough method 直接后油法
*180C 23 mins
**Pre-soak until soft (about 15-30 minutes) and pat dry. 预先泡软后(大概15-30分钟) 抹干。



  1. Hi, thanks for sharing. Raisin and chocolate sounds good. What is the recipe for preferment?

    1. Hi mushroom banana, for the preferment you can keep 50g of dough (after proofing) from your bake and use it in this recipe. If you want to make the preferment from the scratch you may try the below recipe.

      Bread flour 125g, water 75g, instant yeast 1/4tsp, salt 1/4tsp.
      Mix everything together to form a dough, rest in room temp for 4 hours or keep in fridge to proof overnight. The preferment can be chilled for about 3 days but I would suggest you divide it into 4pcs of 50g each, wrap with cling wrap and keep in freezer after 24 hours. U just need to take it out and thaw in room temp (assuming not in winter) for about 30 mins before use.


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